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About Us

We are a Turkish company specialized in real estate consulting, based in Istanbul and we have dealings in other cities inside Turkey, as we have agents in several Arab cities especially in Jordan, and we have many agreements with most of the major construction companies in Istanbul

  We focus on foreign real estate investors who want to own a property in Turkey

?How did we progressed

Since 2016, Bellus Homes have achieved many real estate sales and gained extensive practical experience and a good reputation locally, winning the confidence of foreign investors and Turkish construction companies

Bellus Homes staff

Bellus Homes has a group of highly experienced real estate consultants and a group of Turkish lawyers with long experience in Turkish law

Our vision for 2025

We look at Turkey as the next investment paradise, as it is the paradise of the earth and the tourists come to it, as well as the aspirations of investors and we believe in all faith in the principle of brotherhood between countries and the friendship of peoples, especially the Arab world, wherever you are, Turkey is your second home and people in it are your family and the country is yours, especially after the recent decisions of ownership

?Why Turkey

The new Turkey is a fast-growing country, synchronized with the revolution in infrastructure, government facilities, industrial and medical development, and mega projects that take Turkey from the past to the future

?What services do we provide

Our properties

:Our properties include several varied options

Apartments of all kinds

Smart - duplex - penthouse - office apartments - luxury apartments - cheap apartments

Villas of all kinds

Independent and shared villas - Villas with sea views - Villas by installments - Villas for investment


Like offices, shops, and stores in vital areas

Ready and under construction


A wide choice of lands for construction and agricultural purposes

?What are our priorities

Real estate proposal according to the goal: investment, housing

Your priority features

1. the view of it

2. Location

3. Space

4. The shape of the building and its place

5. In addition to the government guarantee

In addition of all of this, we offer you a set of options closest to your request, as we take care of your budget

And also there is a wide options of apartments with short or long term installments

Advantages of Bellus Homes Real Estate

We limit ourselves to dealing with trusted companies only and projects with bank or government guarantee and we have agreements with about 130 housing projects in Istanbul

Through our experience in the Turkish market and our extensive relationships, we put the summary of real estate projects in your hands through our real estate consultants

Do not hesitate to contact us

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Loca Mahal

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Europark Hayat

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Marmara Evleri

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Norul Life

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Avangart project

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Route Istanbul

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