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Turkish citizenship procedures

Turkish citizenship can be obtained in several ways:

The most important one owns a property of $ 250,000

Or deposit an investment amount in the bank of $ 500,000

Bellus Homes conducts the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through specialized lawyers within a period not exceeding 3 months from the purchase of the property.

The following are the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship without owning a property or investment

?Does a child born in Turkey obtain Turkish citizenship

A child born to foreign parents is not granted Turkish citizenship, unless it is virtually impossible to obtain the passport of both parents

If one of the parents holds Turkish citizenship, Turkish law allows the right for the child to obtain Turkish citizenship

?Does buying a property in Turkey confer Turkish citizenship

Citizenship is not granted to a residence permit holder through the property after the required time has passed, except on the condition that he obtain a long-term visa under the title deed property through the Turkish embassy or consulate in his country, and if he enters Turkey with a tourist residence he will be granted a short-term residence similar to a tourist stay,

which It must be renewed every year or two

Note: In case the property value exceeds the amount of one million dollars, then we will extract a specific type of residence for him and we will present him on the Turkish citizenship transaction

?Do The Tourist Residence Give The Turkish Citizenship

Absolutely not .. short-term residency, which is among the types of tourist residency, does not represent obtaining Turkish citizenship in the future

The conditions required to apply for Turkish citizenship

According to the applicant's national law:

1. He can be stripped of his nationality

2. To be able and aware of Turkish laws

3. Residence in Turkey for a period of five years without interruption (and not being outside Turkey in it for a period of six months) .. It rises to eight years in the case of calculating half of the study years in case the applicant continues to live in Turkey and get a job

4. Confirmation of the actual desire to reside in Turkey

This is done separately as follows:

  1. Buying a property in Turkey

  2. Create a business in Turkey

  3. Investing in Turkey

  4. Transferring the work and trade center to Turkey

  5. getting a work permit in Turkey

  6. Marriage to a Turkish citizen

  7. Applying for citizenship for the whole family

  8. The applicant must have a mother, father, brother or son who previously obtained Turkish citizenship

  9. Completion of education in Turkey

  10. Not to be infected with any kind of disease that could pose a danger

  11. It has good morals

  12. To have a Turkish language as needed

  13. To be an employer and through which he can support himself or his family

  14. He should not be in a situation that requires endangering public national security

Note:The applicant of Turkish nationality may be asked to give up his original citizenship, and this decision is taken according to the vision of the Council of Ministers. This requirement does not usually apply to married to a Turkish citizen and he submitted a request for citizenship accordingly

Cases excluded from the conditions according to the decision of the competent cabinet and in the event that the applicant for citizenship does not represent a danger to national security or public security, then those who have the following specifications are entitled to obtain citizenship

By marriage

Marrying a Turkish citizen does not necessarily give the right directly to obtain Turkish citizenship, but as long as this marriage lasts for at least three years, he is entitled to apply for it.

The following must be presented in the applicant:

Proof that marriage is based on the formation of a family

Not to do anything that proves otherwise

Not to pose the national and public security to danger


In the event that a Turkish citizen adopts any foreigner who is not an adult, and if it is proven that he does not pose a danger or risk  to national and public security, then the decision is issued, he will obtain Turkish citizenship

By Turkish origins

 this must be proven by documents, and then staying in Turkey for two years through any type of residence

Bellus Homes Real Estate also follows up the Turkish nationality file through Turkish lawyers  to follow up the files and directly answer all your inquiries

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