Residential projects in Taksim



Project type: apartments and offices

Delivery date: ready to be delivered 

Region: Taksim 

prices start from

1.684.000 TL

Taksim Square  is located in the center of the old city, in the European part  of Istanbul

The most important historical and tourist districts in it

Taksim Square follows the municipality of Beyoglu and has a meeting point with connections to most areas of the city Some with European and Asian divisions

It is located in Istiklal Street, where the most important international clothing brands and restaurants are served Dishes from the Ottoman cuisine

Taksim is considered one of the most expensive streets in the city in terms of real estate prices, but its importance makes it an important attraction for Arab and foreign investors

There are hospitals like Taksim Teaching Hospital, schools and universities like Istanbul Bilgi University and commercial centers like Demiroren AVM  Mall

There is a historic  Tramway on Istiklal Street since 1875 and it was restarted in 1990 to revive the historical atmosphere of the area. The tram takes you from Taksim Square through Istiklal Street to the old tunnel area

Taksim region   

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