With the guarantee of the Turkish government

With the guarantee of the Turkish government

:Real estate information about Turkey

Turkey is witnessing great prosperity and rapid growth in all fields, especially in the field of investment, and specifically real estate investment, as urban growth has developed in a record short time. So if you are seeking to invest or own property outside the borders of your state, then Turkey is the first place that you have to think about, for several important and basic reasons, which are

Ease of ownership In recent years, the Turkish state has facilitated ownership by foreigners and Arabs, so that you can own ownership remotely without the need to be in Turkey


Turkey's economic position, distinguished by its growth and prosperity, is also looking for further improvement



The ease of transportation that links Turkey to each other, especially in Istanbul, where transportation is designed in a manner commensurate with the population, they can move quickly and easily between the regions because of the metro and buses are available in all regions, and if you do not prefer public transportation, taxis are available via one click on your phone


The success rate of investing in Turkey is very large, especially in Istanbul, because it is the vital heart of Turkey

Multiple types of investment such as real estate, agricultural, and commercial investment


You can pay by installments or cash

Obtaining immediate and permanent real estate residency when you buy any real estate property, or you can obtain Turkish citizenship for you and your family when you purchase a property worth 250 thousand dollars and above



Various real estate specifications that suit your tastes and requirements


The presence of many touristic areas in Istanbul, such as the Bosphorus Bridge and Taksim Square, which attracts thousands every day to visit, and if you love nature, do not worry because Istanbul includes forests, gardens and large lakes for walks, and you can also go to sea (Marmara Sea) for relaxation  from anywhere you want Quite easily

The large number of shopping malls in Istanbul, providing you with all your need   without any difficulty

But we, as Bellus Homes, have some instructions and tips that you should be aware of before owning real estate in Istanbul

:The most important advice and instructions for real estate ownership in Istanbul

First, and as a first step, you must ensure the credibility of the people or company that you will deal with


List the apartment specifications required to facilitate finding your request


Set a minimum and maximum budget


Ensuring the legality of the apartment papers and reviewing their real estate records with the state

If you are aiming to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must make sure to evaluate the property with the state if it is appropriate to obtain citizenship or not


Study the sales contract well before signing it

If you want to settle with your families, you must make sure of the following services

The housing complex is close to schools, universities and institutes

The housing complex is close to hospitals and pharmacies

Choosing a residential complex that offers you complete integrated services

That the complex be suitable for families and contains a number of shops

 ?  how To Own Safley

When you start searching ''real estate for sale'' on internet  in Istanbul you will see a large number of articles, addresses and real estate companies, but unfortunately a large number of them will not be able to give you the information you are looking for.

That is why Bellus Homes has dedicated this article to you, to give you the most important information and advice for purchasing a property in Turkey

Why Bellus Homes?

As a leading company in the field of real estate sales in Istanbul, we provide you with various guarantees and services, including:

We guarantee the credibility of our work with you

We provide a guarantee from the Turkish government after the acquisition of receiving the monthly investment return

A dedicated team with experience in handling all your requirements

Our services do not only include real estate insurance, but also include all that relates to it in terms of facilitating papers and transactions, following up on stays permits and many more

You can view all our services here

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