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?What are the real estate tours in Turkey

Regardless of whether the person who wants to buy real estate in Turkey is from the country’s citizens or a foreigner, and whether it is inside or outside Turkey, he needs to see more than one real estate and take a reconnaissance tour , it may be long or short depending on the options of the buyer. Real estate marketing companies in Turkey provide real estate tours service, to accompany the customer on a tour of some of the projects that he had previously liked and make him see them up close and to make himself sure from


The real estate project site

Construction specifications

If the property is under construction, then they will review the progress of the project

If it is ready, check the property details required

All of these are urgent needs that the buyer needs and wants to research and verify

And about the possibility of buying a property through:

1- Islamic bank financing

2- How to obtain residency

3- How to transfer the funds needed to pay for the property

4- What are the real estate prices?

5- Payment methods

6- What are the taxes due on the buyer?

7- How to invest the property after the purchase is completed, if the aim of buying it is investment, not stability

As for the accurate and correct answers to all these inquiries, you will find them at Bellus Homes by requesting our consultation

It is important to know that Bellus Homes is an expert in its field and known in the real estate market, in order to ensure that all the information you will get is correct.

The importance of real estate tours in Turkey

Real estate tours have several positive effects, some of them are direct and some are indirect, but in general we can talk about the importance of real estate tours in Turkey shown in the following points:

  1. Real estate tours in Turkey give a good opportunity for the buyer to get familiar with the most important real estate projects

  2. It allows him to compare between the real estate's offers

  3. Real estate tours in Turkey give an atmosphere of reliability between the company and its customers, where the buyers themselves make sure of the authenticity of the ads, offers and features promoted by real estate marketing companies

  4. Through real estate tours, the buyer can get better offers and apartments than the ones he has chosen remotely

  5. The buyer can confirm by himself the unique characteristics of the complex or residential project, and he inspects the distance between the complex and transportation stations, shopping centers or vital areas

Even if the buyer does not buy a property, real estate tours in Turkey open his mind to the reality of real estate in Turkey and give him a close picture of the Turkish real estate market

For us at Bellus Homes, the real estate tour service that we offer to our clients means a lot to us for many reasons, the most important of them are

  1. Real estate tours in Turkey enhance our value as a leading consulting and service company in the real estate marketing fields in Turkey

  2. We bring our real estate consultants closer to customers to understand their needs, which facilitates the process of their service and access to their satisfaction

  3. Our closeness to our customers allows us to understand their needs other than the

We also provide the service permanently to our customers


  1. As needed to extract residence

  2. Obtaining Turkish citizenship

  3. Or obtain other services

  We help customers and provide services to them, which increases their level of comfort in dealing with us

?How do you make your real estate tour successful

Clearly define your goal of buying a property in Turkey

The best way and the first right steps to make your real estate tour successful is to specify your goal of buying a property in Turkey

  1. Do you want it to live?

  2. Or for investment?

  3. Or to obtain Turkish citizenship?

  4. Do you want it close to a specific area?

  5. Or From your workplace?

Also, you must specify its internal specifications that you desire:

  1. Like the apartment styles

  2. Its area

  3. On which floor

  4. The looks you like

 And much more..

Select the most suitable area to buy the property

After you have determined your goal, you should think about the geographical area or neighborhood that achieves your goal, for example if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, you must search for real estate in high-end neighborhoods and get a high evaluation in terms of price, such as Maslak in Istanbul, which It is a region of celebrities, businessmen and well-known personalities in Turkey

Also, if you are looking for a cheap apartment for housing, you should consider Esenyurt in Istanbul, or if you think about residing outside Istanbul, you will find cheap real estate in the southern regions of Turkey

If you are looking for modern apartments

  You have a wide choice, such as the famous Kabahce, Beylikduzu, Sisli, and Ghazi Osman Pasha

As for whether you are looking for real estate to invest

Your first choice is definitely Basin Express, and so on

If you do not have extensive experience in Istanbul , you can communicate with us and  our real estate experts will give you most accurate informations

Think about the most suitable property for you in the area

It is not enough to choose a specific region and then select any property in it and think that it will fulfill all your desires or achieve complete satisfaction

  1.  You should inspect more than one project in the same area, and choose the housing complex, street or neighborhood that is most suitable for you, in terms of its proximity to transportation, shopping or entertainment facilities

  2. Real estate projects do not suit all needs and options, and this is normal. If someone searches for a place close to the metrobus line in Avcilar, for example, it is not workable for him to choose his property in the neighborhoods and internal streets of the region, he must move away from the Avcilar center towards the metrobus

After you are guided to the complex that is best for you, or the appropriate building, it remains to focus on several things and ask about them to make sure that you have chosen the right apartment for you, and one of the most important questions that should be asked and focus on during the real estate tour

Ask about the age of the building

 Especially if the building is outside of modern residential complexes, and here you should beware of buying real estate outside the major and well-known projects because you do not have guarantees that the building and the entire neighborhood will not move to urban transformation plans, unless you are interested in repairing the house or want it in the past

Ensure security and protection are on the main building doors

 As for our projects, they are all modern housing complexes supported by security services and surveillance cameras, as well as a guard at the compound door

As for if you want to live in a normal building

 Ask:  Are the doors equipped with electric locks?

There are also some things that you should look at or ask about

What distinguishes Bellus Homes Real Estate?

 We are distinguished in all our services, and for real estate tours in Turkey, which is one of many services that we offer to our customers, as Bellus staff deals fully with customers as our guests, we take care of our service in a way that satisfies their satisfaction and comfort, and our service is summarized in the following steps

Airport pickup

A team of real estate experts accompanies our guests on a real estate tour on several projects, according to a program being prepared and coordinated based on the wishes of our guests

When our guests wish to leave the country, the accompanying team takes them to the airport

Organizing departure procedures

Note: We use the latest luxury cars in Bellus Homes to receive guests and to do real estate tours in Turkey and to ensure their comfort during that

The team accompanying is from the best real estate experts

Our team speaks Arabic, Turkish and English​

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