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Real estate consulting by experts

Bellus Homes Real Estate in Istanbul offers you free real estate advice by experts with at least 5 years of experience in the Turkish market

When we think about buying a property in Turkey, there are many questions and inquiries about how to buy the best and most appropriate property and all the required procedures

The most frequently asked questions are about the papers required to complete this process, how to obtain the tax number

:And on the possibility of buying a property through

  1. Islamic bank financing

  2. How to obtain residency

  3. How to transfer money to pay for the property


  5. What are real estate prices?

  6. Payment methods

  7. What are the taxes on the buyer?

  8. How to invest the property after the purchase has been made, if the aim of buying it is to invest, not stability

As for the accurate and correct answers to all these inquiries, you will find them at Bellus Homes by requesting our advice

It is important to know that Bellus Homes is an expert in its field and well-known in the real estate market in order to ensure the correctness of all the information that you will get

?How is real estate advice done

After registering the form

Or communicate with us directly via social media

Or through our website

You will be contacted within 12 hours after registering your details

1. The real estate consultant will provide you with different property offers according to your budget

2. It also provides you with field and competitive analyzes of the type of investment required

3. And analyzes of the appropriateness of the property required for the investor’s desire to invest

We offer our consulting services to develop an investment idea, and special services to develop the concept of development

Our real estate consultant also provides full advice about the regions in various parts of Istanbul

With a full explanation about the service facilities close to the chosen housing project

Then, he sets a date for you to visit the housing complexes on the ground, and we book an appointment to pick you up from the airport

:We also provide you with important information, including

How to withdraw money and register the title deed in state departments, in addition to fully disclosing the property and ensuring its purchase

It also provides you with the answer to all your inquiries and questions

Excellent services to receive you from the airport

Experienced and multi-lingual driver

Free Fare - The service is completely free

Tracking the flight - so that we can greet you at the right time

24/7 customer support

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Route Istanbul

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