Yildiz Palace, the most beautiful palaces of the Ottomans and the last palaces

Updated: Aug 17

Yildiz Palace, the most beautiful palaces of the Ottomans and the last palaces

Turkey is the cradle of ancient civilizations and diverse cultures, as it is the first tourist destination for tourists from all over the world, and it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world that attract visitors with its beauty, due to its historical and archeological attractions in addition to the charming nature which it enjoys with it ,

It is one of the places that tourists prefer to visit because of the picturesque nature that takes them on a journey between its forests and its high mountains whose peaks cover with the snow in its magical white color.

And visit its historical and archaeological tourist attractions that take them on a distinguished tour throughout history to tell them about the events of the past and the civilizations which in it they were established and the empires that were established on their land in addition to the rulers and sultans who lived there in it

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist cities in Turkey, and in all the world, characterized by being one of the most visited tourist destinations in all seasons of the year

Istanbul with both its European and Asian sides, is famous for its historical and archaeological tourist attractions, in terms of mosques, palaces, castles, museums and forts that tell the stories of civilizations and empires that were established on its lands over the centuries,

In this article we will talk about one of the most famous and most beautiful historical and archaeological palaces in the city of Istanbul, those palaces that narrate the story of luxury and the richness of the Ottoman Empire in that historical era, which has witnessed the greatness of the Ottoman Empire that ruled the world in a period of time, is Yildiz Palace, the last Ottoman palaces and the most beautiful, and the headquarters of the Turkish state in our time.

Yildiz Palace is located in Istanbul in the European section of the city, in the Besiktas area in the middle of Yildiz Park, whose name was taken from the oldest building in the park, which is in the form of a star, located on a sloping top overlooking the Bosphorus

Yildiz, Turkish word meaning star in Arabic.

Yildiz Palace was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Selim III, who presented it as a gift to his mother, Sultan Mehri Shah, then it became the seat of the residence of the Ottoman Sultan and the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1853 instead of the Dolma Bahca Palace, Yildiz Palace remained the seat of the government and the seat of the residence of the Sultan for more than 30 years.

Yildiz Palace is distinguished for its great location on the Bosphorus, its magnificent building, and its unique architectural style that captures hearts and minds which famous for its historical Ottoman palaces.

The palace consists of a large number of rooms and suites, some of it dedicated to the ruling class (for the sultan, princes, princesses, and ministers. There are also rooms for servants) in addition to the buildings attached to it and many gardens and stables for horses.

The palace had many restorations and expansions, where during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II he created a house for the guests, and Sultan Abdul Hamid II received the Kaiser "William II" Emperor of Germany in the palace ,

In addition to building a large garden on an area of 500 thousand square meters appended to the palace to increase its beauty and charm, which were planted with rare and diverse plants , trees and flowers that were brought from all over the world.

As for the interior of the palace, it combines the European style and the traditional Ottoman style in terms of engravings and furniture, and the most thing which attract the attention when entering the palace is the celebration hall whose its ceiling is decorated with shimmering golden plates and its floor is furnished with a single carpet of 400 square meters , The dining hall , which in the palace, is distinguished by its shell doors, which were made inside the palace in a workshop designated for that

At our present time, the presidency of the Republic of Turkey decided to restore the Yildiz Palace and transform it into a presidential center, similar to the presidential palace in Ankara.

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