What are the best places to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

Updated: Aug 17

What are the best places to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

Turkey is a land of civilization and history , it is famous for being a center of tourism and economy,

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular in addition to being a destination for tourists from all the word , it has also become a destination for foreign investors in general and Arabs in particular,

In the last period of this century, Turkey is witnessing a remarkable urban renaissance. This renaissance has led to a high turnout on the purchase of real estate and apartments, especially in Istanbul, In addition, to the sets of facilities that the Turkish government provided to local and foreign investors in terms of reducing the tax rate for investors from 33% to 22%,

Also, the Turkish government issued a decision to grant Turkish citizenship to those who purchase a property , that its value more than 250 thousand US dollars.

Therefore, Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, has become a destination for many investors who want to invest and buying apartments in it, Istanbul considers an important tourist, economic and commercial center.

If you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, there are a lot of things that you must learn, you must search intensively and accurately and collect all the information related to the apartment that you want to buy it , either through the websites and social media or through real estate companies that give you a chance to viewing and previewing the property on the actually , and you can ask your friends and relatives for advice .

The location of the apartment plays an important role in the process of choosing the apartment, such as the proximity of the apartment to the city center, its proximity to the sea, or having the basic services such as schools, universities, public transportation, in addition to shopping centers and parks, the price of the apartment also varies from one region to another.

In our article today, we will talk about the best places that we advise you for buying an apartment in Istanbul, which is considered one of the places that witnessed rapid growth and urban development in terms of buildings built by the modern urban methods which has insurance against earthquakes , in addition to the spread of parks and public services from Private, international and governmental schools and hospitals, and its proximity to public transport.

The most famous of these regions:


The Beylikdüzü region is located in Istanbul on the European side of it , overlooking the Marmara Sea with a distinctive view, which increased its beauty and the importance of its location, it located near the E-5 highway (the metro bus that connects the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side).

The Beylikduzu region is considered one of the areas that witnessed an urban development and flourishing , which in it many residential buildings built with the modern urban methods, which are characterized by earthquake resistance, and it is also equipped with many vital public facilities such as schools, universities, shopping centers and hospitals in addition to restaurants and clubs.


The Basaksehir region is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side of it, the Basaksehir region is one of the vital areas in Istanbul, where it is located near Arnaout Koy, Ayoub Sultan, Avcilar, Esenler, Kucuk cekmece and Esenyurt.

The Başakşehir region is characterized by its proximity to the new Istanbul airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world, in addition to the metro line that passes through it and the Marmaray metro (which connects the Asian continent to the continent of Europe) and many of transportation that reach to it, the Turkish government is building the largest project of constructing a tramway (the Basaksehir train), which gives its location more importance.

In The Basaksehir region there are many natural and artificial facilities and huge construction projects built on modern urban methods and equipped with all technological technologies in addition to the huge and modern shopping centers such as (Mall of Istanbul) and many private and governmental schools and universities.


The Avcılar region is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side of it, the Avcılar region is characterized by a distinctive overlooking of the Sea of Marmara on one side and the Koçekkmece Lake on the other hand and its location in the center of Bakirkoy and Beylikduzu,

All this gave its location great importance in addition to its located on the E-5 highway. The Turkish government is also constructing a metro line that will reach the Aspartakule region (the modern part of the Avcılar region) in addition to the spread of many green parks and parks.

Also spread in it residential complexes built on modern technical methods and equipped with the best modern technological means and prepared against earthquakes in addition to many public facilities such as schools, universities and hospitals.


Esenyurt is located in Istanbul on the European side of it, it is near Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Kucukcekmece Lake and on the E-5 motorway (Metrobus)

The region is characterized by the residential complexes which built on modern methods in addition to parks, schools, private and government universities and hospitals.

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