At the beginning of 2020…Turkish exports have achieved a remarkable increase and exceed 15 billion $

Updated: Aug 17

At the beginning of 2020…Turkish exports have achieved a remarkable increase and exceed 15 billion $

The Turkish economy has recently returned to improvement again, this is what the International Rating Classification Agency (Fitch) indicated, where the agency stressed that the Turkish economy is recovering continuously, and this is also stated in the evaluation report issued by the agency on a regular basis about the expectations of developing European countries that Next year 2020 will witness a remarkable recovery of the Turkish economy along with more stability.

The reducing tax has contributed to investors buying real estate in Turkey, which, according to statistics, has increased significantly in the recent period, in addition to reducing the interest rate, all of this has led to an improvement in the Turkish economy

Also, Turkish exports increased remarkable at the beginning of this year 2020, which is a record in the country, amounting to 14 billion and 765 million dollars.

Turkish Minister of Trade Ruhsar Bekjan stated that exports in Turkey achieved a rise of 2.04% on an annual basis and set a record, this came during an evaluation meeting of foreign trade for 2019 in the capital, Ankara.

And Minister Bekjan added that exports increased to about $ 180.5 billion, and that imports decreased by nearly 9% on an annual basis, to $ 210.4 billion in 2019.

In addition to the decline in the external trade deficit during the past year by 44.9%, to about thirty billion dollars, compared to 54.3 billion last year, according to what Minister Bekjan said

Minister Bekjan assured that during the first months of 2019, foreign trade contributed to a growth of 4.7 points.

She indicated that this contribution was the largest contribution of foreign trade to the growth of the economy in 18 years

Minister Bekjan also confirmed that the Turkish government provided support to local exporters last year, amounting to about 540 million dollars , Which is the largest amount to support exports in the country's history, adding that the value of the support will rise to about 640 million dollars in the current world.

Also, the Turkish head of exports, Ismael Gula, stated in a speech during a meeting in Hatay Province , That Turkish exports during the first month of 2020 achieved a growth of 6.1 percent compared to the same period last year, according to Press Agency.

Mr. Gula also said that the Turkish state reaped about 14 billion and 765 million dollars in January 2020 exports, with an increase of 6.1 percent compared to the exports for the same period in 2019.

He added, that the total exports last year amounted to about 181.6 billion dollars, explaining that the rate of bridge the gap between the country's exports and imports amounted to about 76.8 percent during the month of January 2020.

Also, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged, during a previous statement, that his country will continue to work hard to enter among the ten most powerful countries economically in the world

While , the Turkish Minister of Finance and Treasury Berat Albayrak pledged to transfer success in reducing inflation and achieving the current balance to all areas of the economy ,

Turkey is a large source of textiles, clothing, machinery, steel, and cars. The Turkish country also exports minerals such as copper, iron, mercury, and manganese.

As for agriculture and food, it exports cotton, figs, grapes, olives and wheat flour in addition to barley and vegetables

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