Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it through buying a Real Estate in Turkey

Updated: Aug 17

Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it through buying a Real Estate in Turkey

Turkish citizenship is classified in the field of strong nationalities globally, where the holder of the Turkish passport is allowed to enter more than 80 countries without obtaining a visa.

Turkish citizenship gives its holder new ways to live on the of the Turkish state, where he can work in all fields and he treats the treatment of the Turkish citizen in rights and duties In addition to participate in elections and express his opinion,

He can also travel to Europe and work there and obtain a work permit because the holder of Turkish citizenship can enter the European Union easily and obtain a work residence there.

For these reasons, many people want to obtain Turkish citizenship, so the Turkish government issued a decision stipulating the granting of Turkish citizenship through buying real estate in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars, as the decision includes granting Turkish citizenship by buy a property for the property owner, wife or husband, in addition to children under the age of 18.

And for this, Turkey has become a destination for investors in general and Arabs in particular, for their desiring to obtain Turkish citizenship and establishing a business in a stable and economically developed country such as Turkey, where it provides them with a stable and safe work environment in addition to big profit that belongs to the investor.

the conditions and steps that must be available to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate :

1.The property you want to buy it in order to obtain Turkish citizenship must be at least 250,000 USD.

2. The financial transactions related to the purchase of the property must be made through banks ,regular bank transfer, so that transactions outside the banks cannot be accepted.

3. The purchase of the property must be from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish company. It is not acceptable to purchase any property from a foreign citizen who does not have Turkish citizenship.

.4 If you want to buy the property in debt, i.e. by installment, just the amount that has been paid is calculated , without the price of the debt that you will pay later by installment.

5. The registration process of the property must take place in the Land Registry Department.

6. must takes 3 years for you to own the property you want to buy, before you can sell it again.

7.must you have the real estate evaluation report that has become required when foreigners purchase any property on the land of the Turkish state..

8. The value of the purchase real estate ,which registered in the Land Registry is calculated according to the price of the Turkish Lira at the Central Bank.

9. The buyer must be a person over the age of 18

. The application for citizenship is submitted for the real estate owner, wife, husband, and all children under the age of 18 in the same application, and citizenship is granted to them at the same time.

Papers and personal documents required to submit the application:

· A copy of the valid passport, translated and certified by the notary.

· Personal photos (4) for each family member.

· A document showing the civil status of the property owner (marriage contract and birth certificate for children)

· A clean record document from the rulings and precedents of the property owner and his wife.

· Residence permit in Turkey

· A document proving the purchase of real estate on Turkey .

· A bank document of the remittances that were paid to the price of the property through the bank.

The investor must bring with him all the above documents to apply for Turkish citizenship.

If you want to buy a property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, we at Bellus homes Investment and Real Estate Development Company offer you the best options and apartments prices according to the report of the evaluation committee.

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