Turkish citizenship and conditions for obtaining it

Updated: Aug 17

Turkish citizenship and conditions for obtaining it

Turkish citizenship is considered one of the strong nationalities globally, where the holder of the Turkish passport is allowed to enter more than 80 countries without obtaining a visa.

Turkish citizenship gives its holder new ways to live on the of the Turkish state, where he can work in all fields and he treats the treatment of the Turkish citizen in rights and duties In addition to participate in elections and express his opinion,

He can also travel to Europe and work there and obtain a work permit because the holder of Turkish citizenship can enter the European Union easily and obtain a work residence there.

For these reasons, many people want to obtain Turkish citizenship

There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, including:

1. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by marriage:

Getting Turkish citizenship by marriage is one of the easiest methods and easy to apply its conditions, which most important of them:

· That the marriage lasts for 3 years

· Proof of good intent and that the aim of marriage is to form a family and not in order to obtain citizenship (if the death occurs for the Turkish husband or wife after applying for naturalization, this condition is canceled.

· That the husband or wife does not pose a threat to Turkish national security

· That no action appears to indicate the opposite

· Ensure that they live as a harmonious family and that the spouses do not do any action that reflects there is difference between them.

2. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by blood kinship (people of Turkish descent)

Here, the person who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship submits the application after submitting documents proving the relationship of kinship.

The papers must be translated and certified by the notary and then from the governor or district of the governor where it is evaluated, and the applicant can submit The citizenship application attached to the documents through the consulates or embassies of the Turkish state abroad, without the need to attend to Turkish territory.

3. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through residency on Turkish lands

To obtain Turkish citizenship through residency on Turkish lands, there must be several conditions, and if this condition is found that does not mean obtaining Turkish citizenship because the Turkish government decides to grant citizenship or refuse.

These include:

· The Turkish law limits the period of residence on Turkish lands to 5 continuous years during it , it is possible to leave for a maximum period of 6 months, as well as raising the period to 8 years in the case of calculating half of the student’s study period if the student continues to live in Turkey and gets a job.

· Emphasizing the intention of permanent residence in Turkey, which the state makes sure of it through :

Buying a property in Turkey

Make an investment in Turkey

Get work permission

Marriage to Turkish person

Submit a naturalization application to the whole family

Completion of university education in Turkey.

· the person who applying for citizenship is free from communicable diseases (through reports issued by one of the accredited hospitals in the Turkish state).

· That the applicant is has good reputation (this is confirmed by investigating and asking people residing in the vicinity of his place of residence).

· there should not be any judicial ruling issued by the Turkish judiciary against the applicant for naturalization.

· That does not pose a threat to Turkish national security or public security

· Knowledge of Turkish language as the law requires a minimum level of proficiency in the language.

4. Obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship by decision of the Turkish government

The Turkish government can, according to the citizenship law followed in the Turkish state, grant any foreigner who is on its land ,Turkish citizenship if the government makes sure that this person does not pose a threat to Turkish national security or public security, and the decision on exceptional citizenship include

• Individuals whose their naturalization according to the Turkish state are necessary

• Individuals whose believed to be providing great services to Turkey in the field of industry, science or technology

• Migrant individuals.

There has been an amendment to the Turkish citizenship law, which has become more easy, whereby everyone who fulfills the conditions can apply for Turkish citizenship according to one of these provisions:

1. Buying a property with a value of at least 250,000 USD and not selling it for 3 years

2. A fixed investment of 500,000 USD

3. Providing a job opportunity for 50 Turkish citizens

4. Depositing in a Turkish bank with a value of at least 500 thousand US dollars.

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