Tourist residency and conditions for obtaining it

Updated: Aug 17

Tourist residency and conditions for obtaining it

Turkey is the country of tourism and economy, the cradle of civilization and culture, Turkey is distinguished by its ancient and historical tourist attractions in addition to its charming nature of green forests and high mountains, which made it a destination for tourists in addition to investors from all over the world

Turkey is witnessing an urban renaissance and a significant economic development in addition to being a first-class tourist country, this motive people to visit it either for tourism and to know its historical features, or to invest in it.

Besides, Turkey is one of the countries that do not impose strict restrictions on investors, as it is possible to obtain Turkish residence with easily , which it is one of the necessities, by submitting the residence request to the Security Department (Directorate General of Immigration Management) of the Ministry of Interior after you have been completed All required conditions for each type of residence

There are 6 types of residence in Turkey, and each residence has its own conditions according to its type, the most famous of it :

Tourist residency

Tourist residency or short-term residency, which is the best residency for those wishing to reside on Turkish land for a short period ranging from 6 months to one year

Its purpose to reside on Turkish lands legally and it also gives an opportunity for visitors who wish to study the Turkish market or tourism in Turkey to reside on Turkish lands for a certain period and legally

One of the most important conditions for residency is that the passport is valid for at least more than 6 months, and if you want to stay for one year , the validity of the passport must be more than 14 months

The most important documents required for tourist residency

1. A copy of the passport, which is valid for at least one year, and a copy of the visa and entry stamp into Turkish territory

2. Personal photos with white background, count (4 )

3. Obtaining one-year health insurance, which can be obtained from one of the insurance companies

4. The tax number can be obtained from the Tax Department

5. Tenancy contract certified by the notary

6. bank statement, but it is not a prerequisite

7. Interview appointment form

8. A medical report from a government hospital, but it is not a prerequisite

9. A judicial record issued by the country of origin, consulate or embassy, translated and certified by a notary

the additional papers required for children under the age of 18:

1. A copy of the father's and mother's passport

2. A copy of the father and mother residency

3. Translate the family statement or birth certificate, and it must be certified by the caretaker

4. In the event of the absence of the father or the mother, power of attorney must be made for the other

when all the papers be ready, you reservation an appointment online on the website for residency. You enter the complete information with the insurance number and your residence address.

Then you go on the specified date and submit all the required documents to the employee of immigration service where you can obtain a temporary permit that helps you to move legally until the residence is issued.

It takes a period of 20 days to a month to obtain a tourist residence permit, the Security Department sends a residence card to your residence address according to the rental contract found in the documents you provided it

If you are not in the same address, the card returns to the Turkish Post Office ptt and you receive a message in the Turkish language asking you to receipt the card from the post office ptt

When you renew your tourist residency in Turkey, you must bring the following documents:

1. Certified and translated passport

2. A certified Tenancy contract

3. A personal photo with a white background, count (5)

4. Health insurance

5. An appointment from the Turkish Immigration and Passports Department to renew the residence permit

6. Image of the old residence of the front and back sides

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