Tourist residence permit in Turkey

Updated: Aug 17

Given that Turkey today is one of the most important tourist destinations and the preferred destination for investors and businessmen from various countries, it is important that the visitor to her visit knows how to obtain residence and what are the best types of it.

Tourist residence in Turkey is the ideal solution for those wishing to stay in Turkey for a short period of not more than a year, legally and enjoy many wonderful benefits for holders of this residence. The Turkish government has approved tourist residency for more than one purpose, and the most important of which is to give opportunities to investors from around the world to closely study the Turkish market, to identify their investments, in addition to tourists from around the world who wish to discover Turkey and reside in it for a long period of time legally. In the year 2018, and after Turkey put in place many positive laws related to foreign investment, obtaining tourist residency has become a major requirement for many entrepreneurs and investors.

What are the papers and steps required to obtain tourist residency in Turkey?

Initially, the application for a tourist residence permit in Turkey must be submitted within a period of one to three months before entering the country, according to the country of the applicant. And it is not legally permissible to request tourist residence while in Turkey.

As for the documents and papers required to obtain them, they are: passport, bank account statement, date of stay, health insurance contracted inside Turkey, proof of a place to stay for at least one year, as a copy of a lease contract.

Among the advantages of obtaining a tourist residence in Turkey:

It is the preliminary step to obtaining permanent residency. Also, the tourist residency allows you to visit Turkey at any time during the visa-free residence validity, and it also allows you to legally enter a private car into the country.

Entry and exit from Turkey without obtaining a visa or without paying a fine or violation.

Obtaining an identification number to help you with a lot of internal country transactions.

Tourist residency is a prerequisite for obtaining work residency.

Being able to deal with Turkish banks and open accounts in any of them.

An ideal solution to study the Turkish market and facilitate the movements of investors in establishing companies or any business of their own.

Being able to contract various services such as water, natural gas, and internet services.

Help in real estate ownership and investment in Turkey, buying and selling real estate in Turkey.

He managed to buy a car or make a Turkish driver's license.


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