Title deed procedures in Turkey

Updated: Aug 17

Title deed procedures in Turkey

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, in addition to being a destination for tourists from all the word , has also become a destination for foreign investors in general and Arabs in particular,

This is due to the urban renaissance witnessed by Turkey and the high percentage of real estate ownership in addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish state to investors on its lands, by reducing taxes and granting Turkish citizenship to investors

The buying and selling operations in Turkey need to be careful and accurate in selection and implementation, so the Turkish government has set a set of decisions to control the buying and selling process and to protect investors.

There are many procedures that must be followed if you want to buy a property in Turkey. There are a lot of things that you must to learn.

You must search accurately and collect all the information related to the real estate that you want to buy, either through websites and social media or through real estate companies that give you an opportunity to see and preview the real estate on reality . You can also use the advice of friends and relatives.

Today in our article, we will talk about the most important procedures that come after buying an apartment, which is the title deed procedures,

First: What does the title or title deed mean

The title deed is the property ownership document for the person mentioned in the real estate, organized by the Real Estate Registry Directorate, which is organized in relation to this real estate. In this document, everything related to the real estate is mentioned, including the information, location and numbers of the real estate survey.

The title deed is given to the property owner, proof of his ownership of this property, in case the property is for more than one person, a single title deed is given which in it each person's share in this property is mentioned

Second: Types of title deeds

There are many types of title deeds in Turkey that differ according to the type of property type

1. Title deeds of land suitable for construction and agricultural lands

here the real estate is determined whether it is suitable for construction, meaning that the land is within the construction plan, and this does not mean that it can be built on it, but it must be confirmed that the land does not in an area designated for a public park or park, Therefore, you must be confirmed by the officials in the municipality which to it the area belongs which the ground located on it

Or that the land is agricultural, and here must check from the Land Registry Department because sometimes the land acquires the construction status while preserving the real estate characteristic, and that is due to not changing the type of real estate

2. The construction bond

Here all the information related to the property is mentioned, often the property cannot be divided and it registers a single unit such as: independent houses, warehouses and hangars.

3. Real estate easement bond

Here the property is registered in several sections, meaning that a project is planned, after that the construction approval is taken, and then the project divides into the separate sections and each section has its own title deed to clarify all information related to the property

4. Full title deed

Here you can obtain the title deed after the completion of the project, where all the necessary approvals are obtained and the type of property is also determined

The owner of the property is given a full title deed to each of the sections of the property

Third: title deed procedures in Turkey

You must make sure that all papers and documents are ready before starting the title deed procedures such as: a personal ID, passport or official agency in the event that there is someone acting on behalf of another person in the process of buying and selling, and you must also make sure that all the papers are correct so that the owner is not exposed For legal accountability,

The most important papers required are:

1. personal photo, one for the seller, and 2 for the buyer

2. Earthquake insurance policy

3. The real estate registry document

4. Bank documents, if a bank loan is used

5. Suitable allowance document

Fourth: What is the period required to complete the registration process?

The period required to complete the procedures, when all papers and documents were ready, takes one day, and this is done through the implementation of these conditions:

1. The buyer must be present in Turkey in order to sign the purchase contract, or the person on his behalf, provided that brought an official agency certified by the Turkish embassy in the event he is outside Turkey, but if he is in Turkey, it is sufficient to be certified by the notary

2. Obtaining the tax number

3. Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank

4. A copy of the passport, translated into Turkish, and notarized

5. Go to the Land Registry Department and receive the title deed and the real estate key

In the event that the property is under construction, the title deed will not be delivered to the buyer until after the completion of the construction, or if the purchase is through installments, the title deed will not be obtained after the completion of all installments

The owner is also entitled to apply for real estate residence after obtaining the title deed.

And the expenses of the Land Registry in Turkey are calculated at 15 per thousand of the sold property price .

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