The Turkish city of Marmaris ... the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean

Updated: Aug 17

The Turkish city of Marmaris ... the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean

Turkey is the cradle of civilization, culture and original history. Tourism in Turkey is distinguished by its diversity , recently Turkey has become the first destination for tourists from all the world this back to its tourist, historical and archeological attractions in addition to its charming nature and the nice climate for tourism in all of the seasons and times. ,

Tourist resorts are also spread in all Turkish cities, which are equipped with everything that tourists need, Turkey is the first destination for tourists from all over the world who love antiquities and ancient history that tells the stories of civilizations that were built on its lands and the important historical events that passed through it , in addition to the charming nature with green forests .

Turkey is famous for its culture and long history, which flourished with many civilizations that passed through it and the empires that were erected there through ages and times, in addition to the charming nature of its nature from green forests with high and huge trees and mountains with high peaks covered with snow and lakes with clear fresh water and beaches with Golden sand in addition to the seas with clear blue water.

Also, all Turkish cities are famous with the enchanting nature with green forests, mountains and rivers, in addition to their historical and archaeological sites such as museums, castles, forts, palaces, and historical mosques.

In our article we will talk about one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey which is famous for its picturesque nature and golden sandy beaches, which is, Marmaris, the charming city and the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean that are characterized by its picturesque nature, its golden beaches and its fresh, sparkling water under the sun , which attracts minds and hearts.

Marmaris is located in the southwestern side of Turkey in the state of Mugla, extending over the region that connects the coasts of the White Sea to the Aegean Sea.

The city of Marmaris is considered one of the most prominent natural and archeological destinations in Turkey, where it is visited by many tourists, especially Arabs, because of the similarity of the culture of its residents to the Arab culture.

A glimpse about the history of Marmaris

The city of Marmaris is considered one of the oldest inhabited areas, as it dates back to the sixth century BC where it was known by the name of Kariya

The city of Marmaris witnessed many civilizations and empires such as: the Persians, the ancient Egyptians and Rome and finally in the fifteenth century Marmaris came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the period of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman Al-qanuniu , where he mobilized his forces in the Gulf of Marmaris which amounted to more than 300 ships and 200,000 soldiers ready to take control of Rhodes Island

Tourism in the city of Marmaris

The city of Marmaris is one of the most beautiful tourist cities that are famous for its natural and historical tourist attractions, and which are intended by tourists for its moderate atmosphere, sandy beaches and fresh air in addition to its archaeological features that tell the stories of the civilizations which has establish in it .

The most famous historical sights and nature in Marmaris:


Dalyan is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Marmaris, as it is famous for its golden sandy beaches and fresh water, and its coast is considered a habitat for the breeding of endangered sea turtles (Creta Creta).

You can do many water activities on the beaches of Dalyan such as: swimming, skiing and surfing in addition to diving and enjoy watching turtles under the water

The town of Dalyan also contains Lake Quijkiz, which is famous for mud bath, where you can cover your entire body with mud and leave it to dry under the sun, then take a bath in the Sultan's hot springs to get vitality and cleanliness

Seidir Island or Cleopatra Island

Seidir Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Turkey and the world, it is famous for its sandy beaches and clear waters, as it is known as Cleopatra Island where there is legend that said , Cleopatra and Antoninus came to the island to spend the honeymoon, and that Antonius brought sand from North Africa through ships specially For the sake of his beloved Cleopatra

Marmaris National Park

Marmaris Park is one of the most beautiful and largest parks in Marmaris and one of the most important and largest parks in Turkey, the park extends over an area of about 300 thousand hectares.

There are many rare trees in the garden in addition to plants and flowers. One of the most famous activities that you can do in the garden is horseback riding and enjoy a tour around the park.

There are many wild animals in the park, such as rabbits, squirrels, and many types of birds

Aqua Dream

Aqua Dream is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Marmaris, opened in 2006 on an area of 44 thousand square meters

Aqua Dream offers its visitors many leisure activities

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