The most important advice before Buying a property in Turkey

Updated: Aug 17

The most important advice before Buying a property in Turkey

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, in addition to being a destination for tourists from everywhere, it also become a destination for foreign investors in general and Arabs investors in particular,

This is due to the constructional renaissance which witnessed by Turkey and the high percentage of real estate ownership in addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish state to investors on its lands, by reducing taxes and granting Turkish citizenship to investors.

The buying and selling operations in Turkey need to be careful and accurate in selection and achievement , so the Turkish government has made a set of decisions to control the buying and selling process and in order to protect investors.

So, If you want to buy a property in Turkey, there are a lot of things that you must learn, you must search intensively and accurately and collect all the information related to the property that you want to buy either through the websites and social media or through the real estate companies that give you an opportunity to see and preview The property on the reality and you can also ask your friends and relatives for the advice .

Here is a set of important tips that may help you in choosing the right property:

· You must choose a reliable real estate consultant with good experience in the field of the Turkish real estate market, and here you can request advice from a friend or acquaintance who have experiences in this field, in order to assist you in choosing the suitable property for you.

· You must specify your purpose for this property (is it for housing and stability or for investment) where the options differ and vary according to the purpose which for it you want to buy the property.

· You have to know your financial capabilities and determine the budget that you have in order to buy this property so that you do not fall into financial distress.

· Take your time in make your decision and at your choice the property, but think well and be careful about every detail in all areas, such as knowing the area in which the property is located and its proximity to public facilities and services such as schools and hospitals.

· You must be sure that you obtain military approval, because Turkish law does not allow foreigners to buy real estate in areas near military or security sites (Here you must submit an official application with a copy of the passport in addition to a translated version of the Turkish language and certified by the notary's office and send these papers to the army) This approval is required in the way that you are the first foreign buyer in the housing complex, but if there are properties in the same complex that were sold to foreigners before you , so you do not need such this document.

· Checking the title deed before buying the property by going to the real estate registry Department and making sure that there is no debt, real estate loan or mortgage to bank of this property.

· Ensure that you have the title deed when completion the property purchase process by the real estate registry Department.

· You must have an insurance policy against earthquakes and natural disasters, which is one of the conditions for obtaining a sale contract in the Turkish state which is known as (DASK), which is an important condition of modern construction.

· You must know the environment and the area in which you want to buy a property in it ,if it is suitable for housing such as calm and safety in addition to its proximity to internal transportation, schools, universities, hospitals and shopping centers.

· Buying a property ready for delivery is one of the most important tips to ensure that you do not delay in receiving your property. The property ready for delivery also gives you the opportunity to review the property and see it before purchasing it.

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