The most beautiful Turkish cities for winter tourism

Updated: Aug 17

The most beautiful Turkish cities for winter tourism

Turkey is the country of tourism and the destination of tourists from all over the world. Tourism in Turkey is not limited to a specific season or time, but it opens its doors to receive tourists in all seasons throughout the year and at all times,

Turkey is famous for winter tourism, where mountainous areas with a charming nature are covered in white snow, where you can enjoy the beauty of charming nature, and if you love snow skiing, you can practice skiing in ski resorts that provide you with the necessary tools for skiing and which spread in the mountainous tourist areas, in addition to the hot springs, where recreation and treatment of diseases.

The most famous Turkish cities for winter tourism:

Bursa city

The Turkish city of Bursa is one of the most famous Turkish tourist cities in the winter season. Bursa contains many winter tourisms places, the most famous of it the uludag mountain that covered with snow. Mount Uludag is one of the most beautiful winter tourist places in Bursa. the height of Mount Uludag is about 2540 meters, which is the highest peak in the sea of marmara region, where it overlooks of Bursa with a charming view,

Uludag Mountain is the first destination for tourists in the city of Bursa, especially in the winter, where you can go to enjoy skiing on snow that reaches a height of 4 meters, and you can also enjoy the ride of the famous Bursa telefrık on your way to the mountain, where the telefrık extends 9 km that consider The longest telefrık in the world and enjoy watching the forests and trees in addition to breathing fresh air.

Bursa is also famous for its hot mineral springs, rich in iron and sulphur, and many mineral elements. It is located in the çekirge region and is famous for being one of the most famous and beautiful winter tourist spots in Bursa.

Hot spring baths in Bursa combine providing treatment and relaxation, where some aim to treat many diseases such as skin diseases, gynecological diseases, urine diseases, liver diseases, and others intended to enjoy their hot water and relax from daily stresses,

Among the most famous of these springs is the Kara mustafa bath. The Kara Mustafa bath is one of the oldest and most famous baths in Bursa, where its water is used to treat diseases.

Yalova City

The Turkish city of Yalova is famous for its tourism in the winter season, where hot springs are spread, Hot mineral water springs in the village of Termal in the city of Yalova are distinguished by its hot water, it flows from the ground and exits with hot air bubbles and its temperature reaches more than 60 degrees Celsius. Termal Springs water is suitable for drinking ,

The most famous Termal mineral bath: The Sultan’s mother’s bath which dates back to the fourth century and it was named Sultan’s mother’s bath after the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed II restored it for the sake of his mother who used it to recover from diseases,

Hammam of Sultan, one of the oldest and best baths in Termal

The lead bath is one of the famous baths, ıt was called by this name in relation to its dome made of lead.

Sapanca city

The Turkish city Sapanca is famous for its tourism in the winter. It is one of the most famous tourist places in the winter in Sapanca Mountain Kartepe is located near Izmit on the eastern side of Istanbul.

It overlooks the city of Sapanca and Lake Sapanca, which has a height of about 1650 meters. The meaning of kartepe in the Turkish language is the top of the snow. The reason for its name is due to the snow that covers it top. It has a telefrik that links the top of the mountain to its summit, where you can enjoy snow skiing.

Polo City

The Turkish city Polo is one of the most beautiful tourist places on the Black Sea, which enjoys a charming nature, especially in the winter. Kartel Kaya Resort is one of the most famous winter tourist places in the city of Polo, where tourists go to ski and enjoy the snow that covers the mountains,

Polo city is also famous for its hot mineral water springs, which are located near the Abant Lake.

The hot springs of Polo City are distinguished by fluorine, which is useful in treating heart diseases.

Antalya city

The Antalya city in Turkey is one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey. It is famous for tourism in all the year, as it is characterized by its sandy beaches, clear waters, high mountains with a picturesque nature and fresh air.

The Saklikent Resort, which is located between a mountain range, is one of the most popular tourist places in the winter to practice all kinds of winter sports, where snow falls at the top to 5 meters. In addition to the davraz ski resort, which is a popular tourist destination in the winter season.

Olympus telefrike is also considered one of the most famous winter tourist places in Antalya, the Olympus Mountains are Roman mountain ranges whose peaks cover with the snow in most of the year.

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