The most beautiful cities of the Black Sea ... Trabzon

Updated: Aug 17

The most beautiful cities of the Black Sea ... Trabzon

Turkey is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations by tourism in all countries of the world, where Turkey is famous for its charming nature and its tourist attractions in addition to its culture and long history, which flourished with many civilizations that it passed through it and the empires that were established there through ages and times.

All Turkish cities are famous for their historical and archeological sites and charming nature.

Today we will talk in our article about the pearl of the Black Sea and the largest city of the Black Sea, Trabzon, it is consider one of the most famous coastal, tourist and historical cities and the most beautiful in Turkey.

The Turkish city , Trabzon, is located in northeastern Turkey on the Black Sea coast between the Zingana Mountains, Trabzon is the second largest city on the Black Sea .

The city of Trabzon is distinguished by being the commercial gateway to Iran to the south, east and the Caucasus to the northeast, it is located on the ancient historical Silk Road where it was in the past a passage for people from east to west.

Trabzon is a city of originality,it is famous for its calm and relaxed atmosphere, its picturesque nature and its fresh air. Trabzon includes many lakes, the most famous of it ,the Uzungol Lake that contains salmon ,and many rivers flow in it the most famous rivers of Trabzon are the Serra, Surman and Castle.

The city of Trabzon is called the Black Sea Pearl, and it deservedly deserved its title, that due to its appropriate calm for relaxation, fresh and refreshing weather, and breathtaking nature.

Trabzon occupies an important place in terms of preserving of the authentic Turkish culture, customs, traditions and heritage, also it has antiquities and monuments belonging to several civilizations, including Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Trabzon is considered one of the favorite tourist destinations for most tourists due to the spread of green spaces, fresh lakes and fresh air in addition to the rivers that flow there and the high mountains, and it is also famous for many natural and historical tourist places

Trabzon Square

Trabzon Square or Ataturk Square as it is known , is located in the city center of Trabzon as it is one of the most famous tourist places in the city, the field contains many tourist attractions and entertainment activities .

The tall green trees surround the sides of Istanbul Square and the wooden benches spread where you can sit and rest after you take a tour to see the landmarks which spread in the field as a statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Turkish countries, who stands in the middle of the field

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