Sultan Al-Fatih Mosque ... the first mosque of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul

Updated: Aug 17

Sultan Al-Fatih Mosque ... the first mosque of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul

Turkey is the cradle of the oldest civilizations and original history, and it is the first destination for tourists from all over the world who love archaeology and ancient history, which tells the stories of civilizations that were built on its lands and the important historical events that passed through it.

Turkey is famous for its culture and long history, which flourished with many civilizations that passed through it and the empires that were established in it through ages and times, in addition to the charming beauty of its nature from green forests with high and huge trees and mountains with high peaks covered with snow and lakes with clear fresh water and Golden sandy beaches in addition to the clear blue seas.

Also, all Turkish cities are famous for the enchanting nature with green forests, mountains and rivers, in addition to their historical and archaeological sites such as museums, castles, fortresses, palaces, and historical mosques.

Istanbul is the most famous tourist city in Turkey and the world. It includes many historical and ancient Ottoman mosques which had wide fame and famous for its ancient history and its mosques that were built since the city was opened by the Ottoman Sultans , where thousands of mosques in Istanbul were built in both its Asian and European departments , which was characterized by its wonderful architectural construction in the old Ottoman style

the Ottoman sultans mastered in building mosques and palaces with the best and finest building materials, depended on the most beautiful specifications, leaving wonderful monuments of large and distinctive mosques, which made them one of the most beautiful historical, archaeological and religious monuments in Istanbul, where you cannot visit Istanbul without visiting its mosques, wandering around it and enjoying the beauty of it Building

Today we will talk in our article about the most famous and oldest mosques in Istanbul, which has an important place among the Turks in particular and all Muslims in general, the Sultan Al-Fatih Mosque, the first mosque built in the era of the Ottoman Empire after the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih opened the city of Constantinople, which It was called Istanbul

Al-Fatih Mosque is located in Istanbul on the European side of the city, in the Al-Fateh area, which is considered one of the old historical and archaeological neighborhoods of Istanbul, in an high area on one of the hills of Istanbul, where the mosque rises proudly with its high minarets overlooking the Bosphorus.

The Al-Fatih Mosque was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih by order of the Sultan after he opened the city of Constantinople and under the supervision of the famous architect Sinan Agha, where the mosque was built in 1463 on the ruins of a Byzantine church destroyed during the fourth crucifix campaign on the city of Istanbul, The mosque was named the Al-Fateh Mosque relative to the Ottoman Sultan Muhammed Al-Fateh, it was the first mosque in the era of the Ottoman Empire having the name Sultan from one of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, the mosque contains the tomb of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih.

The Sultan Al-Fatih Mosque is one of the oldest and largest and most important mosques in Istanbul, where embodied in it the highest manifestations of Islamic architecture and urban beauty. Where in its building the style of Ottoman architecture has been combined with the style of Islamic architecture

The mosque was exposed for many damages which caused by earthquakes that the country was exposed to it , so it was reconstructed several times, but the mosque was exposed to almost complete destruction during the devastating earthquakes that the country was exposed to it in 1766 where the main dome collapsed and the walls were destroyed, The mosque in its current form rebuilding was done during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Mustafa III,

The original building, which built on the traditional Ottoman architectural style, remains from it only a small part that appears clear in the mosque's courtyard, the main entrance gate and the lower parts of the minarets and niche .

the parts of the mosque that collapsed due to the devastating earthquakes, they were rebuilt in the Baroque constructional style, which appears clear in the dome, which was built in the form of a central dome equipped with four small domes and supported with four marble columns on which written the names of the righteous caliphs , Its diameter is around 25 m, and the linear motifs spread throughout the mosque..

Muhammad Al-Fatih Mosque consists of two identical minarets, and a pulpits decorated with linear motifs that take the Baroque character with a magnificent design, surrounding the mosque square, many columns and arches, in the middle of the square there is a place for ablution. In addition to the engraved solar clock on the minaret of the mosque, which is one of the most beautiful examples of solar clocks in history.

the tomb of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih, it is located on the southern side of the square surrounded by an ornate glass wall and engraved on its walls Quranic verses and a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, in which he said (the Constantinople will be conquered, its prince, he is blessed prince and its army they are blessed army)

The Sultan Al-Fatih Mosque consists of several buildings, which only a few of it has remain, it was designed creatively. The mosque contains a public school that was called Al-Fateh University in addition to eight schools, a library, a bathroom, a market, a hospital, and many graves (such as the wife of the Sultan Al-Fatih, ministers, leaders, writers and scholars)

During the establishment of these schools, the Ottoman Sultan Muhammed Al-Fateh was interested to provide all the needs for students , such as hospitals, libraries, and guesthouses, in order to encourage science and scholars.

The Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih Mosque is considered one of the most important Islamic destinations in Istanbul, where Turkish and Muslim visitors comw to visit it from all over the world , when they enter the mosque they feel with the spiritual atmosphere because of its important status for them .

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