Sultan Ahmed's Mosque ... the splendor of the building

Updated: Aug 17

Sultan Ahmed's Mosque ... the splendor of the building

Turkey is famous for its historical and archeological tourist attractions, in addition to the beauty of its scenic nature. This is what motivate tourists to visit it and enjoy its attractions.

All Turkish cities are considered tourist cities with multiple archaeological monuments, but Istanbul is consider the first city among the Turkish cities in all fields where it is famous for its charming nature and its historical and archaeological tourist attractions such as palaces, castles, forts, mosques and museums.

Istanbul includes many historical and archaeological mosques with wide fame , that it famous for its ancient history and wonderful architectural construction in the old Ottoman style, the Ottoman sultans mastered in the construction of mosques and palaces, so you can not visit Istanbul without visiting its mosques, wandering around it and enjoying the beauty of its construction.

Today in our article we will go through history through one of the most famous and beautiful mosques in the city of Istanbul, which is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the Blue Mosque as it is known , the reason for giving it the name the Blue Mosque is due to the decorated blue tiles that decorate its walls.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is located in Istanbul on the European side of it in Sultan Ahmed Square near the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace on the old side of Istanbul where there are many historical and archeological attractions , This region seems to be an open museum that takes you on a tour through history, during which you learn about civilizations, countries and empires that existed in this place where the ancient civilization blended with the original history, so it became a center for the acquaintance of cultures and religions.

Sultan Ahmed built the mosque in imitation of his ancestors from the Ottoman sultans who were building mosques from the spoils of war, but Sultan Ahmed built the mosque from the state's treasury , because he does not achieving any victory, this matter made him has many criticisms by religious scholars.

The construction of the mosque was started in 1609, when Sultan Ahmed performed the first blow ax for building the mosque, desiring to make it distinct from other mosques, because the mosque was the first mosque to be built in his rule ,

The mosque was opened in 1616, Sultan Ahmed spent a lot of money through building the mosque, desiring that it be the most beautiful and largest mosque , and the truth is said that the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the most wonderful and most beautiful historical and archeological mosques in the world and is the largest last A mosque embodied in its construction of traditional Ottoman architecture, The mosque combined in its design the Byzantine architecture and Islamic architecture in addition to the Ottoman architecture that appeared in its construction.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque consists of a prayer hall, a library, a hospital, an education school in addition to a covered market and a Turkish bath, and a cemetery of Sultan Ahmed which in it his tomb and some members of his family such as his wife and children , the mosque surrounded by a beautiful garden with tall trees and colorful flowers Its courtyard adorns with the colorful tulips, which creating a stunningly beautiful artwork .

The mosque is surrounded by a high wall surrounding it on three sides, and the mosque has five doors, three of it , lead to the courtyard of the mosque and two to the prayer hall.

The mosque is also famous for its six minarets, four of which are distributed in the corners of the mosque and two at the end of the mosque's courtyard. It is also distinguished by its main dome, which reaches a height of more than 40 meters, and lined with eight small domes.

The exterior of the mosque is characterized by the front facade, which was built in the same style as the facade of the Sultan Suleiman Mosque excluding the two minarets that are located in the corners of the courtyard, and the two mosques have the same courtyard area.

The interior of the mosque is surrounded by a colonnade corridor in which small domes rise, and on the two sides there is a place for ablution and there is a small fountain in the courtyard of the mosque.

Inside, we can see the upper walls of the mosque adorned with handcrafted ceramic tiles in different shapes of lily flowers that were colored in blue, also there are more than 220 windows with stained glass in addition to the chandeliers coated with gold water, precious stones and crystal.

As for the motifs inscribed on the walls of the mosque, they are verses from the Holy Qur’an

The chapel in the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is rectangular in shape. It contains the niche , which is made of carved marble with high accuracy and to its right is the golden rostrum , decorated with care, elegance and accuracy.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or the Blue Mosque, as is well known, receives many tourists from many religions and races, and in it the prayer is held, as it is crowded with worshipers during whole day in the five time of prayers , Friday prayers, , and the holy month of Ramadan.

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