Sulaymaniyah Mosque, the most luxurious Ottoman mosques

Updated: Aug 17

Sulaymaniyah Mosque, the most luxurious Ottoman mosques

Turkey is the cradle of the oldest civilizations and original history, and it is the first destination for tourists from all over the world who love ancient history, which tells the stories of civilizations which built on its lands and the important historical events that it passed through it ,

Turkey is famous for its historical and archeological tourist attractions, in addition to the beauty of its scenic nature. This is what motivate tourists to visit it and enjoy its attractions.

All Turkish cities are considered tourist cities with multiple archaeological monuments, but Istanbul is consider the first city among the Turkish cities in all fields where it is famous for its charming nature and its historical and archaeological tourist attractions such as palaces, castles, forts, mosques and museums.

Istanbul is the most famous tourist city in Turkey and the world. It includes many historical and ancient Ottoman mosques which had wide fame and famous for its ancient history and its mosques that were built since the city was opened by the Ottoman Sultans , where thousands of mosques in Istanbul were built in both its Asian and European departments , which was characterized by its wonderful architectural construction in the old Ottoman style

the Ottoman sultans mastered in building mosques and palaces with the best and finest building materials, depended on the most beautiful specifications, leaving wonderful monuments of large and distinctive mosques, which made them one of the most beautiful historical, archaeological and religious monuments in Istanbul, where you cannot visit Istanbul without visiting its mosques, wandering around it and enjoying the beauty of it Building

Today, in our article, we will go on a tour between the alleys of one of the most beautiful, famous, and largest mosques of Istanbul, the Suleymaniyah Mosque, which is considered one of the greatest and most luxurious mosques in the era of the Ottoman Empire

The Sulaymaniyah Mosque is located in Istanbul, in the European part of the city, on one of the high hills of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn.

The mosque was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman Al-qanuni . Under the supervision of the most famous architect of the Ottoman Empire Sinan Agha, the Sultan Suleiman Mosque is considered one of the most beautiful artistic masterpieces that architectural Sinan Agha built it in and his greatest achievements.

Where he unleashed his imagination in building the mosque because the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman Al-qanuni opened his treasury in order to build this mosque without reckoning,

And the architect Sinan Agha called the most famous craftsmen, architects and workers from all parts of the Ottoman Empire to participate in building this important historical landmark.

It took about 7 years to build the Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque, and it was built in the traditional Ottoman style, characterized with four minarets, indicated to the number of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Fourth ranked among the Ottoman sultans who ruled Istanbul after the conquest.

And ten for these minarets was built ten terraces, that refer to Sultan Suleiman's arrangement as the tenth among the sultans of the Ottoman Empire

in the construction of the mosque was used the carved stone and fiery stone and sandy, the mosque is characterized by its unique and distinctive construction as it was designed to reflect the echo of the sounds inside it ,

the architect Sinan put discharger cubes from the inside around the dome's circumference in different points from the inside of the mosque,

The interior of the Sulaymaniyah Mosque was decorated in a simple decorative style, in addition to its walls decorated with verses of the Holy Qur’an and decorated tiles, which added beauty to the beauty of the mosque to become a charming

the prayer hall, it is in the shape of rectangular, its walls are decorated with tulips, violets, apple and cypress motifs. There are also more than 100 windows made of stained glass distributed on the walls of the prayer hall.

The niche and the pulpit are made of engraved alabaster

The ventilation system in the mosque is designed in an elaborate and unique style that consists of outlets, some of it are opened to the inside and some to the outside in order to purify the air faster and easier.

It was also benefiting from the black smoke that arises from the oil lamps, as the air pushes it to collect at one point, and this smoke was used to produce the ink used by calligraphers during the era of the Ottoman Empire.

The mosque consists of a complex, which is a cemetery, four schools, a hospital, a hotel, shops, bathrooms, a Quranic school and an tomb of the architect Sinan

It also includes a cemetery of Sultan Suleiman Al-qanuniu, where the tomb of Sultan Suleiman Al-qanuni was adorned with the original diamonds in addition to the grave of his wife, Sultana Huyam

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