Sapanca Mosque is the largest mosque in the Middle East

Updated: Aug 17

Sapanca Mosque is the largest mosque in the Middle East

Turkey is the cradle of civilizations and the destination of tourists from all over the world who loves antiquities and ancient history that tells the stories of civilizations that were based on its lands and the important historical events that it passed through it ,

Turkey is famous for its culture and long history that flourished with many civilizations that it passed through it and the empires which it was established in it through the ages and times, in addition to the enchanting beauty of its nature from green forests with high and huge trees and mountains with high peaks covered with snow and lakes with clear and fresh water and golden sandy beaches in addition to the seas with clear blue water.

All Turkish cities are famous for the enchanting nature with green forests, mountains and rivers, in addition to their historical and archaeological sites such as museums, castles, forts, palaces, and historical mosques in addition to mosques that were built recently and which are overshadowed by the Ottoman character and Islamic architecture.

Today in our article we will talk about the most famous and largest mosques in the Turkish city of Adana, the Sabancı Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in Turkey and the Middle East.

Glimpse of Adana and its history

Adana city in Turkey, the fifth Turkish city in terms of population and the fourth in terms of natural and mineral resources, it is located in the Chukurova region on the Ceyhan River in southern Anatolia, 30 km far from the Mediterranean .

Adana city is famous for its historical and archaeological landmarks, it is considered one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, dating back to 3000 years, since the Stone Age and many civilizations have established in it and it has been subject to rule many empires, including the Hittite Empire, the Assyrian, and Persian, Alexander of Macedon, Seleucids, Armenians, Romanians, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamluks and finally under the rule of the Ottomans where there are many old Ottoman buildings until now .

Adana is characterized by its picturesque nature , warm atmosphere in the winter and the Ceyhan River that runs in the middle of it, as there are many parks and tourist resorts, so it is the focus of attention of many tourists in addition to its distinctive kitchen that combines traditional Turkish cuisine and the kitchen of the Middle East region. Adana kebab is considered one of the most famous foods where the Turks considered Adana capital of kebabs.

One of the most famous mosques in the Turkish city of Adana, the Sabanci Mosque, which is considered one of the largest mosques in Turkey and the Middle East. It is located in Adana, Turkey, in the Ceyhan area, in the Rashad neighborhood, on the banks of the Ceyhan River, inside the central park, in a distinctive view, in the middle of the city of Adana.

The mosque was built on the ruins of an Armenian cemetery in 1988, the Adana municipality granted the land, that an area estimated at 50 thousand square meters, to endowments for built the mosque . The construction of the mosque was based on the popular donations offered by the people in Adana, and the Sabanji family donated half of the costs of the mosque building project, so the mosque was called the Sabanji in relation to that family. The construction of the mosque took 10 years and opened in 1998 .

The architect Naguib Dinich has designed the mosque in a distinctive way, with its huge construction, where the exterior of the mosque and the interior are very similar to the Salmiya Mosque in Edirne , and its six tall minarets that made from white cement and ivory stone was built similar to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, it is also have five domes symbolizing the five pillars of Islam, and the main dome is 54 meters in diameter.

The mosque is dominated by the classical Ottoman style in addition to the Islamic character, where the interior walls of the mosque was decorated with Iznik tiles, the inscriber Samih Arch has designed the motifs and patterns , for the lines and Quranic verses that decorate the walls of the mosque, it is the creativity of the calligrapher Hussein Kutlu, who wrote it in an impressive artistic style using Arabic calligraphy .

On the wall of the south side of the mosque, the word Majesty and the name of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and Surah Al-Fatihah and the names of Allah , were written.

the entrance to the main door and other entrances to the mosque, the craftsman Nihad Kartal designed it from marble in addition to the platform and the niche . The doors of the mosque were made of antique wood.

The mosque consists of a muezzin's room, an imam's room, four study rooms and ten rooms for worship , in addition to discussion rooms and a place for ablution and a fountain in the middle of its external courtyard,

There is also a huge classic and digital public library that provides services to students, researchers, and all classes of people.

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