Sapanca and Maşukiye embody the beauty of rural nature in Istanbul

Updated: Aug 17

Sapanca and Maşukiye embody the beauty of rural nature in Istanbul

Turkey is a charming city that is famous for its picturesque green nature that fascinates minds before hearts and which are intended by tourists from all the world to enjoy the magic of its picturesque nature and its fresh air in addition to recognition about its historical and archaeological tourist attractions that smells from it the fragrant of original history.

Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist cities in the field of tourism in Turkey in particular and all over the world in general, in addition to its tourism fame ,Istanbul is famous for its location that connects Asia continent to Europe continent , where it extends between both continents,

Istanbul is famous with both its European and Asian sides for its historical and archaeological tourist attractions, in terms of mosques, palaces, castles, museums and forts that tell the stories of civilizations and empires that were established on its lands through the age and that nothing remains of them but the ruins that witnessed of it ,

In addition to the charming nature of Istanbul in terms of the spread of green spaces, marine coasts, rivers and lakes.

And the countryside of Istanbul has a share of its tourist reputation, the countryside contains many rural villages and beautiful tourist places that are famous for their wonderful picturesque nature and fresh air in addition to its calm atmosphere away from the city and its noise , tourism in the Istanbul countryside is considered one of the most beautiful places for tourists who love tranquility and relaxation in the embrace of the charming nature that takes them on a journey through its green forests, sandy beaches and fresh lakes in addition to their waterfalls which flowing between the arms of nature and its mountains which covered with white snow .

In our article, we will go on a pleasant journey between the arms of charming nature through one of the villages scattered in the countryside of Istanbul, which is Sapanca, the most famous tourist country in Turkey, which is famous for its green forests and charming landscapes in addition to its fresh air.

Sapanca is located on the Asian side of Istanbul from the side of the Sea of Marmara in an area called Sakarya near Lake Sapanca.

The town of Sapanca contains many natural and tourist attractions that are distinguished with it , which consider destination for tourists who love nature and calm to enjoy its charming nature and fresh air, among the most famous of these tourist attractions:

Maşukiye village

The village of Maşukiye is considered one of the most beautiful natural tourism areas. The village of Maşukiye is located near the town of Sapanca and Sapanca Lake,

The village of Maşukiye is characterized by its green forests with high and rare trees, its varied plants and its colorful flowers that spread its perfume throughout the town , In addition to its fresh, clear waterfalls that make their way from the top of the green mountains flowing between the arm of the picturesque nature, making an artistic painting in extremely charming and beautiful, making everyone who visited it loves its nature and its atmosphere.

From here its name came Maşukiye, which means in Arabic (lover).

Also spread in the village a group of pets such as squirrels and rabbits in addition to various types of birds

During your visit to a Maşukiye town , do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a lunch in one of the restaurants which spread in the town near the waterfalls flowing in the arms of the charming nature, or enjoy a drink of a cup of tea or Turkish coffee

Lake Sapanca

Sapanca Lake with its clear and fresh water and charming landscapes is the most famous and largest and most beautiful natural lake in Turkey, which has an area about 45 kilometers and a depth of 52 meters,

Lake Sapanca is located near Sapanca, between the Bay of Izmit and Adapazari Meadow

The lake is one of the most beautiful natural sights in the city of Sapanca, as it is a favorite destination for tourists who love nature and tranquility,

Where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and watch the enchanting sunset, where the sun looks like it is drowning in the lake in a magical scene, and you can also enjoy a fun marine tour in the lake in one of the water boats where you can see the beauty of the charming nature from the middle of the lake, spread in the lake different types of The most beautiful and strangest birds


The zoo located in Sapanca is one of the largest zoos in Turkey, the zoo contains more than 200 species of animals,

Including pets such as deer, elephants, camels, giraffes, hippos, kangaroos, raccoons, monkeys, squirrels, rabbits and zebras,

Including predators such as the golden lion, foxes, wolf, jackal, brown bear, lion, tiger and leopard, as well as reptiles such as various types of turtles, crocodiles and snakes.

The Zoo in Sapanca also includes many aquariums for different types of ornamental fish in addition to many types of birds and a variety of plants and flowers

We advise you to go for a picnic to the zoo in Sapanca, which is one of the fun and favorite picnic for children, where children can enjoy watching different types of animals and get to know them in addition to enjoying in a tour of the water lake located inside the park

kartepe Mountain

Mountain kartepe is one of the most beautiful tourist places located near the town of Sapanca, where Mountain kartepe overlooking with its high peak which covered with white snow and that increases its beauty, which reaches a height of more than 1650 meters, on the town of Sapanca on one side and Lake Sapanca on the other, it is located on the eastern side of the city of Istanbul near Izmit

And the meaning of its name in the Turkish language is the top of the snow, and the reason for its name is due to the snow that covers it, there is a cable car that connects the bottom of the mountain to its summit where you can enjoy skiing on snow.

The village of Naturkoy

The village of Naturkoy is a resort located in the village of Mahmudiya in Sapanca, which is considered one of the most beautiful natural tourism in Sapanca.

You can see the beauty nature in the resort of Naturkoy in the greatest of its beauty, where spread in it the various green trees and beautiful colorful flowers and clear waterfalls flow among the rocks.

There is also a large lake which in it swimming different types of fish and different types of water birds such as ducks and geese.

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