Rumeli Hisar Castle ….The way for the conquest of Constantinople

Updated: Aug 17

Rumeli Hisar Castle ….The way for the conquest of Constantinople

Turkey is the cradle of civilizations and cultures, Turkey is considered one of the first tourist destinations in the world with its historical and archaeological tourist attractions in addition to the charming nature that it enjoy with it . It is also famous for its tourist cities that occupy the first ranks among the tourist cities in the world,

The most famous tourist cities in Turkey, which emulate the international tourist cities and occupy the first ranks among them, Istanbul, which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities and the most famous commercial cities in Turkey in particular and all parts of the world in general,

Also, Istanbul is famous for its location that connect continents Asia with continent Europe, through the suspension bridge over the Bosphorus Strait, it stretches on both continents, which gave it great importance and enchanting beauty.

Istanbul with both its European and Asian sides is famous for , in addition to the charming nature that it enjoys in terms of the spread of green forests with high trees and marine coasts with golden sands and rivers and lakes with fresh and clear waters, its many historical and archaeological attractions, in terms of Mosques, palaces, castles, museums, and forts that tell the stories of civilizations and empires that were built on its lands through the time and that nothing remains of it except the remains of their monuments that witnessed their existence.

In this article we will talk about one of the famous castles and forts in Istanbul, Rumeli Hisar Castle , which is considered one of the largest and most important forts in the world,

Where it will take us on a distinguished tour throughout history that tells us through the secrets hidden in its walls about important historical events that changed the course of the world, the most famous of it which was the opening of the city of Constantinople (Istanbul today), the capital of the Byzantine Empire at the hands of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih and taken it as the capital of the Ottoman Empire that ruled the world for four centuries, Rumeli Hisar Castle receives thousands of Turkish and foreign tourists from all over the world who love archaeology and history.

Rumeli Hisar Castle is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side of it, it sits overlooking the Bosphorus between the Anatolian coast and the Rumeli coast , The castle is considered one of the most beautiful historical and archaeological castles in the city of Istanbul, with its high walls, tall towers, and very accurate topography in design and construction. Construction engineers consider it a miracle in itself in terms of construction, engineering and timing, because the castle was built within four months.

The Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih built the Rumeli Hisar in preparation for the conquest of the Constantinople. Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih and the architect Moslehuddin supervised the construction of the castle in which thousands of workers participated in construction of it ,

The Sultan brought the building materials from the nearby Ottoman villages, their construction was completed within four months, as the castle was built on the place of a Byzantine church that was demolished and benefited from its ruins in building the castle.

The Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih supplied the castle with many cannons of various sizes in addition to the elite of soldiers of the Ottoman army who were under the command of one of the most skilled Ottoman leaders, Fayrouz Agha.

The Ottoman Sultan succeeded in besieging the city of Constantinople and the Byzantines inside it and tightening its control over the Bosphorus Strait and cutting off the sea supply routes from the city, where all ships passing through the Istanbul Canal (the Bosphorus Strait) were stopped, searched and money collected from them as fees for transit.

Rumeli Hisar Castle consists of three towers and angles, two of towers control the sea, where both the Grand Minister Khalil Pasha Gandarli built the polygon tower overlooking the sea , And Zaganus Muhammed Pasha built the tower that overlooks the Bubak neighborhood, while the other tower that controls the mainland was built by Sarujah Pasha overlooking the village of Hisar, These leaders were working with their hands in building to set an example for workers. These towers are distinguished by being covered with a thick layer of cast lead that is approximately 35 feet thick.

The walls of the castle rise to about 80 meters, while its walls reach a thickness of 25 feet.

In addition to the seats reserved for soldiers.

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