Residential complexes in Turkey adopt smart home system

Updated: Aug 17


Residential complexes in Turkey adopt smart home system

Turkey is a land of civilization and history , it is famous for being a center of tourism and economy,

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular in addition to being a destination for tourists from all the word , it has also become a destination for foreign investors in general and Arabs in particular,

Real estate in Turkey is consider cheaper than the rest of the European countries, this has encouraged many foreign and Arab investors to own real estate in Turkey in addition to that the Turkish state granting Turkish citizenship to real estate owners that amount to more than 250 thousand US dollars.

The price of real estate in Istanbul varies according to multiple reasons such as, the type of property, the size of the property, the nature of the building of the property, and the location of the property has great importance in determining the value of the property such as the property’s proximity to the city center, its proximity to the sea, or if there is basic services such as schools and Universities and public transportation in addition to shopping centers and parks.

The prices of real estate also differ from one city to another. In Trabzon, Sakarya and Samsun, the prices are very suitable for those whose budget does not exceed 35 thousand dollars.

In Istanbul, the prices are higher due to the commercial and tourist importance of the city, and it starts from 30,000 for small apartments in humble areas, and for good it starts from sixty thousand,

Also, most modern residential complexes that were recently built in Turkey adopt the style of smart homes, and therefore they are witnessing an increasing demand from foreign investors who want to live or invest in it ,

if they want to live, they provide protection and security for them and their children, and if they are to invest, they are desirable from the tenants,

Modern complexes in Turkey depend on the smart home system, in other words, they rely on advanced technological techniques in terms of safety and protection devices

in addition to all the facilities of the home and it is controlled through a push of a button such as lighting, electrical appliances and curtains in addition to water taps and air conditioning system ,

Where it closes the windows when the air conditioners work, closes the curtains in the evening and the curtains open during the day , Smart homes also contain the information network to set the temperature in a manner that is commensurate with the atmosphere in addition to protection from diseases,

Smart homes are distinguished by being in constant contact with the owner of the house, as it differs in the way it is built from ordinary homes where it uses in its construction wood treated against fire, moisture, and it is also heatproof insulation in addition to:

1. A wired and wireless connection cables

2. A network system

3. An open database

4. Save energy with cables

The most prominent characteristics of smart homes:

· Control the home and all the facilities, including lighting and air conditioning devices from outside the home by a remote control

· Surveillance cameras in the hall and children's rooms

· Open the doors of the house and the building by using a card or fingerprint

· Equipped with sensors that illuminate the house when entering the house and turn off the lights when leaving the house

· Equipped with a security and protection system

· Curtains are closed at night and open during the day

· Alert the homeowner about food spoilage in the refrigerator

· Equipped with advanced systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

· Speakers all over the house

· Warning the home owner about attempts to penetrate the house

· Calling the police and firefighters in the event of a fire

· Automatic alarm in the event of an emergency while you are outside the home

· Control of home weather

· control with the temperature of the water

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