Real estate residence in Turkey … its advantages and conditions

Updated: Aug 17

Real estate residence in Turkey … its advantages and conditions

Turkey is the country of tourism and economy, the cradle of civilization and culture, Turkey is distinguished by its ancient and historical tourist attractions in addition to its charming nature of green forests and high mountains, which made it a destination for tourists in addition to investors from all over the world

Turkey is witnessing an urban renaissance and a significant economic development in addition to being a first-class tourist country, this motive people to visit it either for tourism and to know its historical features, or to invest in it.

Besides, Turkey is one of the countries that do not impose strict restrictions on investors, as it is possible to obtain Turkish residence with easily , which it is one of the necessities, by submitting the residence request to the Security Department (Directorate General of Immigration Management) of the Ministry of Interior after you have been completed All required conditions for each type of residence

There are 6 types of residence in Turkey, and each residence has its own conditions according to its type, the most famous of it :

Tourist residence or short-term residence is granted to persons who come for the purpose of tourism,

Student residence This residence is granted to students who come to study in Turkish universities

Work residence permits are granted to foreigners working in Turkish companies where the company obtains a work permit from the Ministry of Labor for the foreign worker and then requests the residence,

humanitarian cases residence This residence is granted to refugees on Turkish land

Family residence can be applied to it , in the event of marriage to a Turkish husband or wife,

Finally, real estate residence, which we will talk about at length about how to extract it , its conditions and features in this article.

Real estate residence

Real estate residence in Turkey is one of the residences offered by the Turkish state to foreigners, real estate residence has multiple advantages, so most investors seek to extract it, where you can apply for real estate residence in Turkey by purchasing a property on Turkish lands, so that real estate residence is one of the most important reasons for Foreigners own real estate in Turkey

Real estate residence is granted for a period of two years, usually renewable if it expires , the wife and children under the age of 18 are entitled to obtain real estate residence.

The papers and documents necessary for obtaining real estate residency:

1. The original copy of the title deed (the Land Registry), which is considered one of the most important papers and the most important conditions for obtaining real estate residence (and it is also required that the price of the property be proportional to the number of individuals registered in the Land Registry), along with a photocopy of the title deed.

2. Personal photos with white background, count (4) .

3. A valid passport with a copy of it, a copy of the entry stamp to Turkish territory, a copy of the date of the passport was granted and its expiration date, and a copy of the visa

4. Certifying the passport and translating it with register it at the notary

5. Tax number, you can get from the Tax Department

6. Population registration document (residence document), which you can obtain from the Department of Population

7. Health insurance card

8. The TC document, extracted from the municipality, it is to specify the building and its location so that a special number is given to the home

9. DASK earthquake and natural disaster insurance policy

How to extract real estate residence

1. Reserve an electronic appointment through the Ministry's website

2. Submit the residence request to the Immigration Department on the date specified

3. Pay a tax value ranging from ($ 40,150) to the Tax Service

4. Your application is studied in the event of acceptance. Real estate residency is sent by mail

The advantages of Real estate residence

The real estate residence has many advantages, the most important of it :

· Opening a bank account in Turkish banks

· Entry and exit to and from Turkish land without obtaining a visa to enter

· Buying a car and obtaining a driver’s license

· Registration of Gas, water and electricity

· Get health insurance

· Apply to schools and universities

· Facilitating the movement of merchants and businessmen

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