Real estate investment in Turkey .... a promising future

Updated: Aug 17

Real estate investment in Turkey .... a promising future

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, in addition to being a destination for tourists from everywhere, it also become a destination for foreign investors in general and Arabs investors in particular,

This is due to the constructional renaissance which witnessed by Turkey and the high percentage of real estate ownership in addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish state to investors on its lands, by reducing taxes and granting Turkish citizenship to investors.

Turkey has witnessed in the last few years a remarkable movement in relation to the Turkish economy between the decline in indicators and the rise, and that was due to the existing regional conditions in addition to the internal conditions of the country from elections and others in this matter.

The Turkish economy has recently returned to improvement again, this is what the International Rating Classification Agency (Fitch) indicated, where the agency stressed that the Turkish economy is recovering continuously, and this is also stated in the evaluation report issued by the agency on a regular basis about the expectations of developing European countries that Next year 2020 will witness a remarkable recovery of the Turkish economy along with more stability.

The reducing tax has contributed to investors buying real estate in Turkey, which, according to statistics, has increased significantly in the recent period, in addition to reducing the interest rate,

all of this has led to an improvement in the Turkish economy , And expecting a promising future for real estate investment in Turkey, which witnessed at the beginning of 2019 remarkable growth, where the growth rate reached 8%, The Turkish state became the sixteenth globally in the economic level and ranked sixth among the European countries .

Also, the Turkish government has greatly supported the real estate sector through the facilities that provided it, one of the most important of these facilities is granting Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property in an amount of more than $ 250,000 , It also reduced corporate taxes to 20% after it was 30%, in addition to huge projects to develop infrastructure that contributed to encouraging the real estate market, which is the most important of it ,

the new Istanbul airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world and one of the largest infrastructure development projects In Turkey, its distinctive strategic location, which links the countries of the world from north to south and east to west.

And the Istanbul water canal project, in which of it will be linked the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara to the Mediterranean Sea, and its budget amounted to about 10 billion US dollars , the project is strengthening Turkey's position in the field of water crossings .

project of the era, as it was called by the Turks, the Turkish state aims through its establishment to reduce the movement of ships in the Bosphorus strait in addition to reducing the damage caused by ships transporting dangerous materials. It is planned that the canal will expand to 150 ships a daily , also the Eurasia tunnel project linking the European side of Istanbul with the Asian side.

Turkey's strategic location which is consider the meeting point of the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia in addition to the continent of Africa,

This made it an economic passageway to the whole world, in addition to its strategic location at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia , and Its geographical importance ,that it is located in the Anatolia peninsula and is surrounded by three vital water bodies: the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Aegean Sea.

In addition to Turkey's role in transferring energy and the importance of its cultural and civilizational position, and many of the reasons that give Turkey's location a great advantage over its real estate investment.

So Turkey offers many opportunities for investors by combining them between the real estate sector and commercial and industrial production and other sectors, that made real estate investment in Turkey the goal of all investors around the world.

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