Princess Islands .... calm and beauty

Updated: Aug 17

Princess Islands .... calm and beauty

Turkey is the cradle of civilizations and cultures, it is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world with its historical and archeological tourist attractions in addition to the charming nature that enjoy with it . It is also famous for its tourist cities that occupy the highest ranks among the tourist cities in the world,

The most famous Turkish tourist cities, which reaches to the first ranks among the international tourist cities, Istanbul, which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey in particular and all parts of the world in general, which famous for its location that connects the continent of Asia to the continent of Europe, as it stretches on both continents,

Istanbul with both its European and Asian sides is famous for its historical and archaeological tourist attractions, in terms of mosques, palaces, castles, museums and forts that tell the stories of civilizations and empires that were established on its lands over ages and that nothing remains of it but its relics that have remained witness to it ,

In addition to the charming nature of Istanbul in terms of the spread of green spaces, marine coasts, rivers and lakes.

Today in our article we will go on a tour to the most beautiful natural and archaeological sites of Istanbul which are, Princess Islands, or as it is called in Turkish PRENSWS ADALAEI, which is characterized by the beauty of its nature and the purity of its air and its tranquility, and thus is considered the ideal place for tourists who love calm and relaxation .

Princess Islands, which is a group of islands its number reaches to nine islands, in addition to a recently discovered sunken island to become ten islands , located in the Sea of Marmara and follows the city of Istanbul, which far from it is about an one hour,

that you can reach to it through one of the sea ports in Istanbul such as Aminono port, or the Kabatash port through one of the ships that departs daily during the summer and spring season toward the islands in a wonderfully beautiful cruise through the waters of the Marmara Sea where you can enjoy the air Refreshing and charming landscapes, where the cruise are low and sometimes closed in the winter because of the freezing cold and the difficulty of moving through the ports.

History of princesses and why was it called princesses?

The islands of princesses have a long history, dating back to the Byzantine era and passing through the Ottoman era.

And for the reason for naming it, there are many narrations and stories that tells around its name. Some say that the reason for naming it , due to the Byzantine era, where a group of Byzantine princesses were isolated in it,

Others say that the islands were an exile for the opponents princes and kings of the Byzantine royal family, where they are exiled to it and sometimes they are executed,

And some narrations completely different , it is said that the Byzantine Emperor Justin II built a palace on the largest island of the islands, where it became his residence during the summer holidays.

some of the stories date back to the Ottoman era, where it is rumored that the islands were a special summer resort for the Sultanate and princesses of the Ottoman Empire ,Those who went to the islands to stay away from the noise of the city and enjoy the calm and charming nature

Princesses Islands

Princess Islands consists of four large islands which are inhabited islands that are open to tourists and visitors, and five deserted islands in addition to a sunken island that recently discovered by divers and believed to be sunk by one of the earthquakes,

The islands together form a natural chain and an extremely beautiful painting in the middle of the Sea of Marmara, where tourists go to get away from the noise of the city and enjoy the natural scenery and fresh air,

the islands are characterized by horse-drawn carriages, which are the only means of transportation on the island in addition to bicycles .

The largest and most famous of these islands:

Big Island, Buyukada

It is the largest island in the chain of princesses island located in the Sea of Marmara, with an area of about 5.4 square kilometers.

The commercial business occupies part of it, while the remaining part of it , spread in it the forests and trees, in addition to many houses owned by wealthy people.

In Buyuk Island there is the Ayia Urgy Church and monastery which back to a sixth century located on top of the highest plateaus, in addition to ruins of some churches and monasteries, and the Roman Orphanage, which is the largest wooden building in the world.

Also , there were four mosques built on the island during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the most famous of it the Hamidiye Mosque, which was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Also on the island there is the Museum of the Princesses Islands, which in it a hundreds of documents on the history of the islands have been exhibited from its inception until today, and many historical exhibits and documentaries.

The island is a quiet island, and it is a suitable place to relax. It also has restaurants, cafes and shops.

Hebili Ada Island

The second island after Buyuk Island , it is famous for its green forests, pine trees and the diversity of vegetation in it, it was considered a tourist resort during the Ottoman era.

In the island ,there is the Byzantine Church, Camryotissa, which is the only church on the island in addition to many historical and archaeological monuments such as: Ayia Monastery, Romanian Orthodox School, Abbas Helmi Pasha Palace and the first therapeutic clinic in Turkey.

The island contains sandy beaches, water sports club and many parks, restaurants and cafes.

Borjazada Island

It is the third island among the chain of islands in terms of area and inhabited, the island is characterized by its clean air, charming nature and historical palaces in addition to the Picnic Street,

There is also the oldest seashore with a lighthouse, in addition to a small marine bay.

The first mosque on the island was built in 1953

Kinali Ada Island

The island of Kinali Ada, which means in Turkish language (henna island), and its name came from its reddish color due to the red-colored maki plants that spread there.

It is the smallest island of princesses islands ,spread in it beautiful summer houses and sandy beaches.

In the past The island was a source of rocks and stones that were used in the construction of ancient Byzantine and Roman walls

There is also a prison monastery built by the Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV.

Shells Island

The smallest island in terms of area, and it is called the island of seashell because its exterior looks like seashells

Yasi Ada Island

It is characterized by its flat land, which is one of two islands known as Khair Saez, which means no good. The island became famous after the military coup in 1960, and witnessed the trial and execution of many important political figures.

Severi Ada Island

It is the second island nicknamed "Khair Saez " which means "no good ." It has a seaport, a fresh groundwater well, in addition to an ancient monastery

During the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, the island's rocks and stones was used in construction work,

Kashik Island (Spoon)

Kaşık Island is in Turkish and means spoon, and it was called so because it resembles spoon, it includes a small marina.

Tavashan Island (rabbits(

The farthest islands, and there isn't vegetation in it , it looks like a rocky piece in the middle of the sea, and it was called Rabbits Island because the rabbits spread in it.

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