Kayseri, the Turkish city ... charming nature and original history

Updated: Aug 17

Kayseri, the Turkish city ... charming nature and original history

Turkey is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations by tourism in all countries of the world, where Turkey is famous for its charming nature and its tourist attractions in addition to its culture and long history, which flourished with many civilizations that it passed through it and the empires that were established there through ages and times.

All Turkish cities are famous for their historical and archeological sites and charming nature. As Turkish cities have become comparable to European countries in terms of attracting tourists and interest in tourism,

Today in our article, we will go on a interesting trip to one of the most famous Turkish cities, which is the city of Kayseri, which will take us on an interesting tour through its ancient history, to learn about the civilizations and empires which has erected in it throughout the ages, in addition to a tour of its charming nature and its high mountains.

Kayseri is located in the middle of Turkey, and it is considered the capital of the Anatolian province, overlooked by the mountain Ercis with its white top which covered with snow, and the Ercis mountain is one of the highest mountains in Turkey

A glimpse of the history of Kayseri

The city of Kayseri, which is located in the middle of Turkey, and which is concentrated among the largest Turkish cities, Ankara and Konya, is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the Anatolia region, where it dates back to more than 4 thousand years BC, where the ancient Roman tribes, then the Babylonians and the Phoenicians lived in it , in 690 it came under the rule of the Umayyad state and was annexed to the Islamic world,

Where until now most of its inhabitants still adhere to the Islamic religion, Islamic teachings, customs, traditions and culture, which largely offend the customs and traditions of the Arab countries,

Then, in 1923, Kayseri became one of the Turkish states

Tourism in the city of Kayseri

Kayseri city includes many historical and archeological places in addition to the natural tourist places, among the most famous of these places:

Jawhar Nusseibeh Historical Medical Museum

The Jawhar Nusseibeh Museum is located in Kayseri, and it was a medical hospital that was built during the reign of the Seljuk Sultan Ghiath al-Din Kheisro in implementation of the will of his sister, Sultan Jawhar Nusseibeh.

The hospital used to treat psychiatric patients using music and colors as medical tools, and it used to receive patients of all races and religions.

The hospital, which includes more than 30 rooms and a mosque, turned into a museum in the era of the Turkish state, which in it displays the medical supplies and tools that were used in the Seljuk and Ottoman era, which number approximately 600 pieces, in addition to the uniforms of official doctors in that historical era ,

The exhibition also displays pictures of Sultana Johar Nusseibeh

The town of Agernas is underground

The town of Agernas is located near the Turkish city of Kayseri, which is the hometown of the famous Ottoman architect Sinan Agha, the history of the town is dating back to the Byzantine era and the beginning of the spread of the Christian religion, where the ancient Christians were building their homes underground for fear of their religion from the oppression of their rulers

In this small town there are many historical and archaeological monuments that tell the stories of civilizations and historical events that were witnessed over the centuries and ages.

Arçes mountain

Arçes mountain overlooking the Turkish city of Kayseri, it is the highest mountain peaks in Kayseri, and the third highest mountain in Turkey, which has a height of more than 3500 thousand kilometers, it is one of the most famous natural tourist attractions in the region, especially in the winter season, where it is covered with snow in its bright white color and is intended by many Tourists who love snow skiing

Kapuz Bashi Falls

Kapuz Bashi waterfalls are located in the Turkish city of Kayseri in the region of Yahyali, it is considered one of the most beautiful natural and tourist areas in the region where green forests are spread, and the waterfalls consist of seven waterfalls flowing between the arms of green forests to increase its beauty and charm as it is intended by tourists from all over the world to enjoy with fresh air and charming nature.

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