Green Bursa and its charming nature with natural lakes

Updated: Aug 17

Green Bursa and its charming nature with natural lakes

Tourism in Turkey is distinguished by its diversity, as Turkey has recently become the first destination for tourists from all over the world, which is back to its tourist, historical and archeological attractions in addition to its charming nature and the appropriate climate for tourism in all the seasons and times, and its tourist resorts that are spread in all Turkish cities which supplied with everything that tourists need

Green Bursa One of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey, Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and the last resting place of its founder, Othman Ghazi.

Bursa is considered an ancient and historical city where there are many historical buildings dating back to the Ottoman era in addition to the shrines of the sultans. Bursa is also famous for its charming nature, high mountains, fresh lakes and its waterfalls flowing from the highest mountains.

Among the most famous natural tourist places in Bursa, its natural freshwater lakes , the most famous of these lakes;

Uluabat Lake

Uluabat Lake is one of the most beautiful natural freshwater lakes in the city of Bursa, where it stretches over a distance of 140 km sq. It is a shallow lake whose depth does not exceed 3 meters.

Uluabat Lake is a natural reserve that contains various types of plants and birds such as ducks and geese, and the lake includes more than 20 types of fish

Uluabat Lake has a breathtaking landscape and clear fresh water where you can sit on the banks of the lake and enjoy the scenic views or rent a boat and take a tour in the lake.

Uluabat Lake includes a number of islands, the largest of it , is Halilbey.

Kus Cenneti lake

Kus Cenneti Lake or Bird Lake in Bursa, one of the most beautiful natural lakes extending over a distance of 200 thousand square meters

Kus Cenneti Lake is a nature reserve where it contains rare types of birds such as brightly colored flamenco birds, ostriches, peacocks and birds of prey such as hawks and eagles in addition to ducks and geese.

The lake also includes many trees such as willow trees, pine trees and lemon trees in addition to various types of flowers.

In Kus Cenneti Lake you can enjoy the natural scenery and the fresh air, as well as practice hobby fishing.

Iznik Lake

Iznik Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Turkey, the area of Lake Iznik is about 290 square kilometers, with a length of 30 km and a width of 10 km and a depth of about 80 meters.

Aznik Lake is one of the largest olive farms in Bursa in addition to being a source of fresh water. It also contains many trees, plants and rare birds.

Also near Aznik Lake many historical places dating back to the Roman and Ottoman eras, where you can visit it and enjoy in watching it .

You can also enjoy with a tour in the lake or fishing, as well as recreational activities such as swimming or surfing.

Black Lake

The Black Lake in Bursa is located at the top of Mount Uludag, between Enali Lake and Kilmeli Lake. The Black Lake is famous for its location between these two lakes. The lake also enjoys charming landscapes that attract minds and hearts.

Black Lake is one of the most beautiful places for camping and barbecue parties.

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