Florya ... the most beautiful areas of Istanbul

Updated: Aug 17

Florya ... the most beautiful areas of Istanbul

Turkey is the country of tourism and economy, Turkey is the cradle of history and civilization and one of the most famous global tourist destinations, due to the spread of historical and archaeological tourist attractions in it , in addition to the charming natural tourist attractions that it has it , Turkey is famous for its tourist cities that compete the tourist cities in the world with its beauty and fame.

The most famous tourist cities in Turkey, which is one of the global tourist cities, Istanbul, the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey in particular and all the world in general,

Istanbul is famous for its distinctive location that connects the continent of Asia to the continent of Europe by way of a suspension bridge on the Bosphorus strait , where Istanbul extends on both continents.

Istanbul, with both its European and Asian sides, is famous for its historical and archeological attractions, in terms of mosques, palaces, castles, museums and forts that tell stories about civilizations and empires that were established on its lands and historical events that passed through them throughout the ages , which Nothing remain from it except its traces that has been witnessed of it ,

Istanbul also has charming picturesque nature of green forest spread with its huge trees, high mountains, rivers and fresh lakes, in addition to its golden sandy beaches and its clear blue sea.

In our article we will talk about one of the most beautiful areas in the European Istanbul, the Florya region, which is famous for its charming nature and golden sandy beaches and its sparkling blue water under the sun, it will take us on a pleasant tour through its golden beaches and charming nature.

Florya is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side of it, in Bakirkoy region extending its beaches along the Sea of Marmara, passes through it the Marmaray Metro (the most important internal transportation links in the city of Istanbul, which connects the European Istanbul to Istanbul Asian through a tunnel under the waters of the Bosphorus Strait)

Florya is one of the most attractive tourist places in Istanbul, it is famous for its charming golden beaches and attractive nature, as well as entertainment activities, huge shopping centers, charming gardens with beautiful flowers in addition to restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea, and in it there is the largest and the most beautiful aquarium in Istanbul.

Florya is also considered one of the historical areas, where it dates back to the Byzantine era, as it was a center for summer vacation and holidays for the founder of the Turkish state, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, where he was spending his summer vacation in it either by sitting and enjoying its golden sandy beaches or swimming in its clear waters.

The most important tourist and recreational areas in the Florya region:

Florya Beach and Park

Florya Beach in the Florya region in Istanbul on the European side of it, Florya Beach considers one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Istanbul,

It is distinguished by its golden sandy and clear waters that shine under the golden rays of the sun , where you can sit and enjoy watching the view of the sea, which is getting more beautiful especially at sunset, the sun appears as if is sinking in the depths of the sea,

Or you can do water activities such as swimming in the clear sea, diving in the deep sea or surfing.

Florya Park is located near the beach of Florya, which spread in it green trees and beautiful flowers with a beautiful scent , you can sit on one of the wooden benches spread in the park and enjoy the charming nature and the sea view around you.

Florya Aquarium

The Florya Aquarium is located in the Florya region in Istanbul, on the European side of it.

The Florya Aquarium is considered one of the largest, most beautiful and most famous marine life pools in the world as it includes a large variety of fish and marine creatures, when you visit you can have a fun tour that begins in the Black Sea and ends in the Pacific Ocean

the tour of the Aquarium is one of the favorite places for the family, especially for children, where they can enjoy in its wonderful features and contents through this tour.

you can join, to one of a diving program for diving training or take a diving trip with professional instructors to swim with sharks.

Aqua florya

The Aqua Florya Mall is one of the largest and most beautiful shopping centers in European Istanbul, which attracts the attention of tourists, the Mall is located in the Florya area in Bakirkoy in Istanbul.

Aqua Florya Mall includes a group of international fashion brands in addition to accessories and cosmetics, as it is spread in it many luxury and varied stores.

In Aqua Florya Mall, there are various entertainment centers such as a mini entertainment park for children, cinema halls, bowling , art galleries and concerts.

Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum is located in the Florya region in Bakirkoy in Istanbul on the European side of it, the Aviation Museum is one of the most beautiful and most important historical and archeological museums of Istanbul and the first of its kind in Turkey .

In the past, the museum was a military base, then it turned into a museum with an area of about 1450 square meters.

The Florya Aviation Museum consists of two parts:

A closed section which in it displayed war planes, tools and equipment used by the Turkish Air Force, as well as holdings belonging to important Ottoman historical figures.

The open section displayed in it some civil and military aircraft, helicopters, heavy weapons, and transport vehicles that were used by the Turkish Air Force.

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