famous Istanbul malls .. the pleasure of shopping

Updated: Aug 17

famous Istanbul malls .. the pleasure of shopping

Turkey is the first tourist destination from all over the world, which is considered one of the most beautiful natural places in the world, which is characterized by its ancient history and its diverse markets between modern shopping centers and popular markets.

Istanbul is the city of tourism, in terms of the spread of historical tourist places with a long history that hide among its walls secrets and stories of the past and natural places that are famous for its forests, trees, high mountains and refreshing air. Also, it is the city of shopping and entertainment in terms of the spread of popular markets in it in addition To the malls (modern shopping and entertainment centers) that spread there.

Istanbul is distinguished by both its European and Asian sides, with many modern and huge shopping centers, which are distinguished by their attractive designs that give a character of Turkish culture and the Ottoman heritage,

that attract the attention of tourists who are eager to visit it , desire to obtain entertainment for them and their children due to the spread of recreational activities within it that provide entertainment and suspense for adults and children, and wander in search of international brands and luxury stores that spreads in it, most malls offer attractive offers and discounts in most of their stores,

Also, the modern shopping center in Istanbul contains a variety of restaurants that offer, in addition to fast food, the famous Turkish cuisine, as well as cafes that offer delicious Turkish coffee.

Today in our article, we will talk about the most famous modern shopping centers that spread in Istanbul, with both European and Asian sides.

Forum Istanbul Mall

Mall of Istanbul is located in European Istanbul, in the region of Perm Pasha, it extends over an area at about 175 thousand square meters , it is considered one of the largest shopping centers not only in Turkey but in all of Europe.

Forum Mall was built in 2009 and it is a huge complex that includes many residential buildings and their accessories in addition to a shopping center that includes about 250 stores of the most famous international brands and luxury Turkish brands,

There is also the global IKEA store, which is famous for everything related to home furniture,

in addition to the Snow Museum, which is one of the most beautiful and famous museums in Istanbul, where many tourists like to visit it .

And the turquoise aquarium of Istanbul, which includes the largest shark in Europe, in addition to many fish and marine life.

The mall also contains a series of restaurants that offer fast food in addition to the famous Turkish cuisine, which is characterized by its delicious and distinctive food.

Water Garden Mall

The Water Garden Mall or Water Park is located in Ataşehir area on the Asian side of Istanbul, Water Park Mall is one of the largest and most beautiful malls in Turkey and one of the most beautiful and largest entertainment centers in the world, where there are a lot of entertainment and fun for all family members,

The mall is famous with the largest water pool that contains (Dancing Fountain), which offers performances with beautiful musical tones with water movements and colorful laser lights.

In the water park mall, there are many distinctive and entertaining activities that attract tourists to come to it , and spend entertain time with the family, where there are spaces for children to play dedicated to them and equipped with the most beautiful games in addition to modern games intended for adults such as bowling ball and other recreational games and cinemas.

for the shopping section, there are many international brands and shops in addition to the bazaar to buy the best fresh fruits and vegetables

In the mall there is a street called Al Haneen Street, which is represents of the old streets of Istanbul, where you can enjoy with a tour in it.

The mall also has restaurants and cafes that overlook the dancing fountain where you can sit and enjoy a meal in one of these restaurants or cafes.

Via Port Mall

Via Port Mall is located in Istanbul, in the Asian side of it, near Sabiha Airport, Via Port Mall was built in 2008 and extends over an area of about 350 thousand square meters,

The mall consists of four floors, in it around 200 shops spread to many international and local famous brands, in addition to a car park that can accommodate about 4,000 cars.

Via Port Mall is one of the largest outlet malls in Asian Istanbul, which part of it , located in the open air and contains a picturesque garden with high trees and beautiful flowers with rabbits and peacocks, and a water pool with a bridge on it made in the shape of hearts.

The mall also includes the largest amusement park in Istanbul where adults and children can enjoy in its recreational games, in addition to the restaurants and cafes which is in the mall .

Venice Mall

The Venice Mall is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side of it, in the Gazi Osman Pasha area. The Venice Mall is an open-air mall it called Venice because it is similar in design to the Italian city ,Venice , there a water channel runs in the middle of it, crossed by pedestrian bridges, and small boats run through it, you can rent one of them to wander around the mall,

And spread on its outskirts the shops of the most famous international and local brands in addition to many wooden benches for rest .

In the mall there is Italian and local restaurants and cafes.

in addition to the commercial center, the mall includes a group of residential buildings

Florya Mall

Florya Mall is located in European Istanbul, Florya , in the Bakirkoy region on the sea coast. The Florya Mall is one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Istanbulit extends over an area of 50 thousand square meters. The mall includes many shops from the most famous international and local brands

The mall also includes Florya aquarium, which is considered one of the most beautiful and famous fish ponds in Turkey, where it includes a group of sharks and fish .

Turkish restaurants and cafes are also spread in the mall.

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