Earthquake insurance ... One of the important conditions in modern construction

Updated: Aug 17

Earthquake insurance ... One of the important conditions in modern construction

The earthquake and natural disaster insurance policy is consider one of the conditions for obtaining the sale contract in the Turkish state, which is known as (DASK) and is an abbreviation of the (Natural Lesion Insurance Corporation) and supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance,

The earthquake insurance policy is an important condition of the modern construction imposed by the Turkish state after the destructive earthquake of Marmara that the country was exposed to it in 1999, Where it became compulsory, and includes earthquakes and post-earthquakes, from disastrous consequences, so The responsible institution provides compensation to those affected.

The real estate owner in Turkey pays earthquake insurance for the first time at the beginning of building the property in order to obtain water, electricity, gas, and internet services, as it cannot be obtained it until paying earthquake insurance. Then, the owner of the property pays the insurance every year according to a date determined by the DASK Corporation. Payment is made at one of the banks in Turkey, through post offices, or through insurance companies.

Where is the importance of earthquake insurance be in Turkey?

The importance of earthquake insurance in Turkey lies in several things, including:

Ensure that the building is resistant to earthquakes and is safe from damage, and reduce the amount of damage caused by earthquakes

Protecting houses and installations in Turkey and securing them against earthquakes

Participate in repairing the insistence caused by earthquakes and mitigation material damage to citizens.

Make the buildings in Turkey safe from earthquakes and make it with healthy structure

Developing social awareness towards the importance of earthquake insurance

Reducing expenditures on the state in the event of rebuilding its institutions and public facilities in the event of an earthquake or natural disaster.

Earthquake insurance does not include all buildings and properties in Turkey. Among the buildings that are covered by earthquake insurance in Turkey:

Real estate and buildings intended for housing (such as apartments and buildings) that have been registered in the Real Estate Registry Department in the Turkish state.

Real estate and buildings designated for work (such as offices and companies) that have been registered in the Real Estate Registry Department in the Turkish state.

Buildings constructed by the Turkish state and dedicated to public services or those buildings that the state gives to the population in times of disasters.

The buildings and real estate that are still under construction and has the requirements of the building, which has real estate easement.

Buildings and real estate that have all the requirements of the building but have not yet obtained the description of the building and whose type (commercial or residential) has not been specified in the Real Estate Registry Department .

the buildings that are not covered by the earthquake insurance law, they are:

Real estate and buildings that are not subject to building codes in the Turkish state

Village buildings that are built in the countryside or in popular areas and that have not obtained building permits and are not subject to modern building rules in Turkey.

Abandoned and uninhabited buildings that are not used.

Buildings at risk of the collapse, which received notice from the state to demolition it.

The expenses covered by earthquake insurance and its expenses are paid by (DASK) in the event of an earthquake or natural disaster.

The foundations, and major building sections, the main walls, dividing walls, garden walls, ceilings and floors, stairs and elevators, building entrances, corridors between apartments.

the expenses that are not covered by (DASK) :

Expenses and costs for removing debris, losses resulting from disruption of work or disruption of rent, expenses for moving to a new home or new workplace, losses in home furniture and all types of goods, physical and moral damage and deaths, damage to the building from the earthquake and caused by breakdowns or A lack of construction itself.

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