Dolma Bahce Palace.... The luxury of the building tells the luxury of the Ottoman Sultans

Updated: Aug 17

Dolma Bahce Palace.... The luxury of the building tells the luxury of the Ottoman Sultans

Turkey is the cradle of civilizations and cultures and the first tourist stations for tourists from all over the world, it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world due to its historical and archeological attractions in addition to the charming nature that it enjoy with it .

It is one of the places that tourists prefer to visit due to its picturesque nature that takes them on a trip between its forests and mountains and for visit its historical and archaeological tourist attractions that take them on a distinguished tour throughout history to narrate to them the events of the past about the civilizations that have arisen there and the empires that were established on its land and rulers and sultans who lived in it .

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist cities in Turkey, and indeed in all the world, characterized by being one of the most visited tourist places in all seasons of the year.

Istanbul is famous with both its European and Asian sides for its historical and archaeological tourist attractions, in terms of mosques, palaces, castles, museums and forts that tell the stories of civilizations and empires that were established on its lands through the centuries, and that nothing remains of it except remains of its relic .

We will talk in this article about one of the most famous and most luxurious historical and archaeological palaces in the city of Istanbul, Dolma Bahce Palace, a unique masterpiece of its kind in all of the world, which tells the story of the luxury, richness and power of the Ottoman Empire that ruled the world during a period of time, through the luxury of its construction and The beauty of its design, which combined Eastern and Western style of architecture.

Dolma Bahce Palace is the largest and most luxurious palace of the Ottoman Sultans, located in European Istanbul in the Besiktas region, it is characterized by its magnificent views directly on the Bosphorus Strait.

The palace was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, to be a center for the residence of the Ottoman sultans and state rule instead of the Topkapi Palace, which was converted by order of Sultan Abdul Hamid II into a museum containing the treasures of the Ottoman Empire and rare Islamic holdings.

the Dolma Bahce Palace became the new headquarters for the residence of the Ottoman Sultan and a center for the rule of the Ottoman Empire, which in it 6 Ottoman sultans lived in addition to the first president and founder of the new Turkish state, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and the palace was witness to many important historical events in that period

The palace was called a dolma bahce , which means in Turkish (the stuffed land) because the palace was built on a natural harbor, whose land was stuffed and immersed with soil to become a garden for the sultans.

Dolma Bahçe Palace took about 13 years to build , and it was famous that it represented the luxury and richness of the Ottoman Sultans, that the cost of its construction amounted to an estimated 32 tons of gold, where 14 tons of it and 60 tons of silver were used to paint the ceilings of the palace and its decoration, the palace contains the largest piece of crystal chandelier in the world.

The Ottoman architects used to build Dolma Bahca Palace the most beautiful architectural arts that were widespread in European countries such as: France and Italy in addition to the Ottoman architecture, and the engineers also combined the Rococo style with the Baroque style.

Dolma Bahce Palace was built on very beautiful marble columns that connect the corridors and other sections of the palace. for the garden of the palace, it is considered one of the most beautiful natural landscapes where it contains many huge trees and colorful flowers with a fragrant smell and located in the center of the garden a water fountain flowing in it the water that shine under the sun's rays with its wonderful color.

The palace consists of three sections, which in it hundreds of rooms and many halls, in addition to the Turkish baths.

The first thing that you see when you enter the palace is the reception hall that enchants the mind with the beauty of its decoration and then moves through a circular staircase to the Selamlik section which contains the reception hall of the sultans, designed in European style, which contains gifts and souvenirs from kings and leaders to the Ottoman sultans

The harem section (haremlik) is dedicated to the Sultan family, which is distinguished by its calm colors and dominated by an oriental character.

In addition to the Ataturk room, which is a room for the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk, where he stayed during his treatment and died in it, it is a simple room in which you find the bed that died on it covered with the Turkish flag in addition to his rocking chair, you can see in it the clock stopped at 9.05 which is the time of his death .

Also in the palace is a hall containing serial portraits of the Ottoman sultans.

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