Bride's Hill wonderful view…..Painting a charming artwork for Istanbul

Updated: Aug 17

Bride's Hill wonderful view…..Painting a charming artwork for Istanbul

Turkey is the cradle of ancient civilizations and history, it is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world with its historical and archeological tourist attractions in addition to the charming nature that enjoys with it , it is famous for its tourist cities that occupy the highest ranks among the tourist cities in the world,

The most famous Turkish tourist cities, which reaches to the first ranks among the international tourist cities, Istanbul, which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey in particular and all parts of the world in general, Istanbul is famous for its location that connects the continent of Asia to the continent of Europe, as it stretches on both continents,

The city of Istanbul, with both its European and Asian sides, is famous for its historical and archaeological tourist attractions, in terms of mosques, palaces, castles, museums and forts that tell the stories of civilizations and empires that were established on its lands over ages and that nothing remains of it but its relics that have been witnessed to it.

In addition to the charming nature of Istanbul in terms of the spread of green spaces, marine coasts, rivers and lakes.

Istanbul or the city of the hills, as some called it , which are located between seven hills covered with green areas and spread in both sections,

today in our article we will talk about the highest and most famous of these hills, which is, the hill of brides, as it is called the Turkish çamlica, which is located on the Asian side of the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is famous in addition to its historical and monumental tourist attractions, with the beauty of its nature, its fresh air, and the calmness that makes you feel relaxed, as the Asian side of Istanbul is less crowded and quieter than the European side, and it is considered the ideal place For tourists who love calm and relaxation.

The bride hill, which is located in Istanbul on the Asian side of the city in the Escudar region, is the highest hill among the seven hills that surround Istanbul, which reaches a height of about 260 meters,

Bride's Hill is distinguished by its unique location, which gave it a charming view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus Strait, where you can see the tourist and natural landmarks of Istanbul with both its Asian and European sides painted as if it is an artistic painting of super beauty and a miracle of divine that take the minds and hearts with its natural beauty

Bride's Hill is one of the most famous and beautiful touris places in Istanbul, where you can enjoy calm and comfort away from the noise of the city in addition to the charming nature around you.

the reason for naming the bride's hill, which it is famous by this name because most of its visitors are lovers, in addition to the brides who come with wedding dresses to take memorial photos in the most beautiful places to remain a beautiful memory.

you can go to the Bride's hill through one of the sea ports scattered in the European side of Istanbul, such as the port of kabataş or the port of the Eminonu, through one of the marine ships which going daily towards the Asian side of Istanbul, where you can enjoy a short cruise through the clear Bosphorus water, which shimmers under golden sunlight.

You can also enjoy watching the famous KIZ KULESI maiden's tower which rises with its wonderful shape amid the Bosphorus waters, which is located near the coast of Escudar, where many mysterious puzzles, tales and legends which tells around it.

A glimpse into the history of Bridal Hill (çamlica)

The bride's hill history back to the Byzantine civilization and the Ottoman era, which in it turned into an entertaining park for the royal family that contains summer residences and areas for hunting prey, later the bride's hill became one of the most popular tourist places in Istanbul

The bridal hill (çamlica) is divided into two separate hills:

1. The Great Hill (BÜYÜK çamlica)

The largest hill or the first hill rises by a difference of 35 m from the smaller hill, its height reaches about 260 meters above sea level, spread in it giant and perennial pine trees, which covers the top of the hill. There is also a small cafe on top of the hill that is covered with pine trees,

the hill has the most beautiful charming views of Istanbul, from the top of the hill you can see the city of Istanbul with its tourist attractions and waterways, as if it was a charming artistic painting drawn with the finest details that captures the heart and mind in addition to watching the Uludag mountain that rises with its white top covered with snow near Bursa .

2. The Little Hill (Küçük çamlica)

The little hill or the second hill, which has a height of about 230 meters above the level of the sea , which spread in it green forests with its tall trees and pets (rabbits and squirrels) , there are many gardens that spread in it with different types of plants , which the Escudar region is famous with it , and the multicolored flowers with its fragrant scents that fill the place, especially in the springtime, where the flowers form beautiful artistic paintings that add to the beauty of the hill more beauty .

The bride hill, which is considered one of the highest areas of Istanbul, provides you with an opportunity to see the city of magic and beauty (Istanbul) with all of its neighborhoods, its natural and tourist attractions, and all its waterways, such as the Bosphorus Bridge and the Black Sea, especially during sunset with an unique beauty.

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