Bodrum is the most beautiful city in the Turkish coast

Updated: Aug 17

Bodrum is the most beautiful city in the Turkish coast

Turkey is the cradle of ancient civilizations and the history of ancient nations with stunning nature and charming views.

Turkey is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations by tourism in all countries of the world, where Turkey is famous for its charming nature and its tourist attractions in addition to its culture and long history, which flourished with many civilizations that it passed through it and the empires that were established in it .

All Turkish cities are famous for their historical and archeological sites and charming nature, as Turkish cities have become comparable to European countries in terms of attracting tourists and interest in tourism,

Today in our article, we will go on a pleasant trip to one of the most famous coastal and tourist cities , Bodrum, the most beautiful coastal city in Turkey with a long history and ancient civilizations, in addition to the beauty of charming nature where green forests meet the coasts of the sea with its golden sands and clear blue waters that sparkle Under the sun rays ,

Bodrum is also famous for its distinguished location, port and white houses, and Bodrum means in Arabic the basement

A glimpse into the history of Bodrum

Bodrum is located on the coasts of the Aegean Sea in the northern side of Kermi Bay, in the Mugla Province in southwest Turkey, which located opposite of the Greek island of Kos, as it is about 5 km far away from the Greek coast

Bodrum is one of the oldest inhabited areas, dating back to the thirteenth century BC, the first civilization established in it was the civilization of the Kingdom of Mary as it is famous for being the birthplace of the historian known as the father of history Herodotus.

Then it was ruled by the Dorians, then the Karion and Legis, the Persians, then Alexander the Macedonian took control of it , then the Roman rule, Byzantine rule, in the fourteenth century came under the rule of the Turks

Among the most prominent ancient historical figures that have emerged in Bodrum is the warrior Artemis, who was known as the commander of the naval fleet.

Tourism in Bodrum

Bodrum is a historical and archeological city with a charming nature, golden coasts and turquoise waters. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world that tourists want to enjoy with its fresh atmosphere and charming nature. It is also a distinctive tourist destination for many celebrities around the world.

The most famous places of Bodrum:

Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum

The Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum is located in Bodrum Castle which dates back to the fifteenth century. The museums are considered one of the largest and oldest archeology museums in Turkey and the world,

It was established in 1961 and has won many local and international awards showing ancient marine relics that have been discovered in the depths of the seas such as marine ships and coins and the wreckage of some historical ships such as uluburun ship

Fink Beach

Fink Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist places in Bodrum, and in Turkey.

Fink Beach is characterized by its golden sand and clear blue sea.

There are many water activities and entertainment on the beach where you can participate or you can enjoy sitting on the seashore under one of the colorful umbrellas and watching the charming nature and the sparkling sea waves.

Bodrum Castle or St. Peter's

Bodrum Castle or as it is called St. Peter's Castle located in the city of Bodrum on a high hill in the center of Bodrum Port

The castle was built in 1402 by the Crusader knights (Knights of St. John). The castle occupies an important place among the historical monuments scattered in Turkey.

The castle was used for several purposes since its foundation to this day as it became a military base, then a church, then a mosque, then it turned into a prison at the end of the nineteenth century and now

It has become an archaeological museum that includes many antiquities and antiques collections such as ceramic and pottery pieces and some coins. There are also rooms dedicated to displaying the tomb and jewelry of Princess Carrian in addition to some cannons dating to the First World War.

The castle consists of Turkish baths, amphora exhibition, glass hall, jewelry hall, princess room, and torture rooms

The famous Bodrum's Amphitheater

The famous Roman amphitheater of Bodrum is located in the Turkish city of Bodrum, with a high hill overlooking the entire city of Bodrum and its castle with a charming view.

The amphitheater, whose construction dates back to the fourth century BC, is considered one of the most beautiful monuments in the city, as it was in the ancient ages place where the kings met the people.

The Bodrum Archeological Amphitheater consists of a theater and venue for the orchestra, in addition to stone seats for the public, as it accommodates more than 13,000 spectators.

Shrine of the king Mausolus

Shrine of the king Mausolus is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world , the most famous historical and archaeological sites in Bodrum, As the legend says that Artemis II, the wife of King Musoulos, constructed the shrine in commemoration of her husband

The Shrine is a rectangular building consisting of three parts, a huge hall of white marble, on top of it there are 36 columns above these columns. The roof in the form of a pyramid is included in the top of t a cart drawn by four horses.

The shrine walls are decorated with carvings and carved decorations that tell the stories of some legendary battles. The shrine also contains many treasures and golden artifacts.

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