Antalya is the most beautiful place for winter tourism

Updated: Aug 17

Antalya is the most beautiful place for winter tourism

Turkey is the cradle of civilization and culture, tourism in Turkey is distinguished by its diversity, Turkey has recently become the first destination for tourists from all over the world this is back to its tourist, historical and archeological attractions in addition to its enjoyment of the charming nature and the appropriate climate for tourism in all the seasons and times,

Tourist resorts are also spread in all Turkish cities and equipped with everything that tourists need, as Turkey is the first destination for tourists from all over the world who love ancient history that tells the stories of civilizations that were built on its lands and important historical events that passed by it , in addition to the charming nature with green forests

Turkey is famous for its culture and long history, which flourished with many civilizations that it passed through it , and the empires that were establish there through ages and times, in addition to the enchanting beauty of its nature from green forests with high and huge trees and mountains with high peaks covered with snow and lakes with clear fresh water and beaches with Golden sand in addition to the seas with clear blue water.

Also, all Turkish cities are famous for the enchanting nature with green forests, mountains and rivers, in addition to their historical and archaeological sites such as museums, castles, forts, palaces, and historical mosques.

In our article we will talk about the most beautiful Turkish tourist cities, the city of Antalya, which is famous for tourism in all seasons of the year and for each season its tourist features, summer resorts are spread in it with sandy beaches in golden color and clear blue waters and fresh air in addition to its green forests and high mountains that It is green in summer, and white in winter, with its high peak covered with snow

Today, we will go on a tour to the most famous natural winter tourist places in Antalya

The Turkish city of Antalya is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the southwestern side of Turkey, the city of Antalya is considered one of the oldest historical and inhabited cities in the Mediterranean region, which dates back to the third century BC

It is also one of the most beautiful natural resorts on the shores of the Mediterranean, where it is visited by many tourists from all over the world, being Antalya is one of the largest and most famous tourist cities so spread in it many modern shopping centers contain the most luxurious international and local brands in addition to many Restaurants, hotels and entertainment places

The most famous winter tourist attraction in Antalya

The city of Antalya is famous for its many winter tourist attractions that tourists visit in the winter, the most famous of these places:

Saklikent resort

Saklikent Resort is one of the most beautiful and most important winter tourist places in Antalya, which takes you from the sun and golden sands to snow and mountainous heights

Saklikent Resort is considered one of the most beautiful winter resorts that tourists go to it for skiing. The resort is about 40 km from the city center and reaches about 2500 meters from the sea.

Saklikent Resort is located between the Taurus mountain range that is covered by snow from the late fall to early spring, and despite the low temperatures to below zero, the resort attracts large numbers of tourists.

The resort provides many services for its visitors, including restaurants, cafes, public facilities and ski facilities, in addition to specialized trainers who help you by provide preliminary information and assistance on how to ski

Olympus cable car Antalya

Olympus cable car ( telefrik ) is located in the city of Antalya in the Olympus region, which is a mountainous Roman chain that extends to Turkey, its peaks cover with the snow in most of the year, the cable car is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Antalya

The cable car extends between the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus mountain range. You can enjoy a trip in the scenic of nature, where you can view the mountains while they meet the coasts of the sea in a scene of great beauty and magic.

The journey takes ten minutes , Where you reach the top of the Tahtli mountain , which is covered with snow, and we advise you to wear winter clothes for snow, as the temperatures reach to below zero.

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