Amirjan Garden ... famous with the tulip flower's garden

Updated: Aug 17

Amirjan Garden ... famous with the tulip flower's garden

Turkey is the country of tourism and the destination of tourists from all over the world. Tourism in Turkey is not limited to a specific season or time, but rather it receives tourists in all seasons throughout the year and at all times.

Also, Turkey is the cradle of civilizations and cultures and the first tourist stations for tourists from all over the world, and it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world due to its historical and archaeological tourist attractions in addition to the charming nature which enjoys with it ,

It is one of the places that tourists prefer to visit for its historical and archaeological tourist attractions that take them on a distinguished tour throughout history to tell them the events of the past about the civilizations which it was established in it and the empires that were established on its land and rulers and sultans who lived there in it

Or to enjoy with the picturesque nature that takes them on a journey between its green forests with huge and perennial trees and its high mountains with its white tops and picturesque gardens with its colorful flowers with a fragrant scent .

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist cities in Turkey, and in all the world, characterized by being one of the most visited tourist destinations in all seasons of the year

Istanbul, with both its European and Asian sides, is famous for its historical and archeological attractions, in terms of mosques, palaces, castles, museums, and forts that tell the stories of civilizations and empires that were established on its lands over the centuries, that nothing remains of it except the remains of its relics, in addition to its unique gardens that spread in it high trees, various plants and colorful flowers with most beautiful colors that increase the beauty of its gardens and whose its fragrance smells spread in the gardens.

In our article, we will go on a pleasant picnic through one of the most beautiful and oldest parks in Istanbul, which is characterized by the spread of beautiful and colorful tulip flowers in it, which is, Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park is located in Istanbul, on the European side of the city, in an area called Sariyer, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, with a beautiful view and the Sultan Mehmet Fatah Bridge that connects the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side, Also, it is near the Rumeli Hisar Castle and the Bebek coast, in addition to its proximity to some modern shopping centers such as Istinya Park .

Amirgan Garden, which stretching over an area reaches about 117 acres and is surrounded by high walls, is considered one of the most beautiful, largest and oldest parks in Istanbul.

A glimpse about the history of Emirgan Park

Amirgan Garden is one of the natural, historical and archeological places in Istanbul. The history of the park dates back to the Byzantine Empire era, where it was called the cypress forest in relation to the cypress trees, which covered it , In the era of the Ottoman Empire, the park became famous during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV, where interest increased in the garden and planted in it about 150 various types of trees and flowers .

The garden continued to be from the property of the sultans of the Ottoman state until Khedive Ismail Pasha bought it , where he built three colored wooden suites that were used as a resort during the seasons of the year and that are still present until now, but they turned into restaurants and cafes.

Emirgan Garden is habitat to many trees and plants

The garden includes many plants, which reaches more than 120 species, in addition to many types of tall and huge trees, some of which are rare, such as cedars , pine, and camphor.

in the garden there are squirrel animals that hide inside huge trees, in addition to the most beautiful birds that flutter with its bright colors and various shapes throughout the garden,

throughout the park spread the colorful tulip flowers, which the Emirgan Garden famous with it , where the name of the garden was associated with the tulip flowers, and inside the Amirjan Garden a special garden was established for traditional tulip flowers in order to revive the traditions of its cultivation.

Spring Festival (tulip flowers)

In the year 2005 in the month of April during the spring season, an international tulip flower festival was organized inside Amirjan Park, which later became organized every year in the month of April.

Where tulips flowers are spread in all over the garden, creating an unique art exhibition for the most beautiful paintings painted by tulips with their wonderful colors.

Emirgan Garden is the best place for relax

in the garden there are streams of water, fountains, and artificial waterfalls that flow into the water pond in the middle of Amirgan Park, which in it ducks and geese swim. The garden also includes two wonderfully beautiful ceramic pools which increase the beauty of the garden above of its beauty.

There are wide green spaces in Amirjan Park due to its large area, where there are areas for sports such as walking and jogging, it is equipped with sports equipment and seats to sit and relax

In addition to children's playgrounds equipped with children's games, there is also a playground dedicated to playing chess on the ground

Emirgan Garden is one of the most beautiful and best places to relax and spend interesting time with family and friends

As for the public utilities, the garden is equipped with all facilities, such as bathrooms and a mosque, in addition to restaurants and cafes within it .

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