Advices to help you to choose the most suitable apartment in Istanbul

Updated: Aug 17

Advices to help you to choose the most suitable apartment in Istanbul

Turkey is the cradle of civilization and history. It is famous for being a center for tourism and economics. Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular has become a destination for investors from all over the world, in addition to being a destination for tourists who love nature and archaeology .

The real estate market in Turkey has witnessed a remarkable development in the recent period, which led to the emergence of many types of real estate in various forms and sizes, as statistics indicated that the number of properties which sold in Istanbul alone amounted to thousands of properties.

the prosperity of tourism and the economy in Turkey, in addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish state, all of this attract investors from all over the world, moreover the guaranteed investment returns and a strong economy encouraged them to invest in Turkey.

If you are a fan of living in Istanbul or want to invest in it by buying an apartment, you must be careful and take care when searching for the apartment that you want to buy, and you should listen to some advices that you must to follow it , when you are buying an apartment . You must collect complete information and study the commercial market accurately in order to reach your goal in the most appropriate way.

the most important advices that help you to choose the most suitable apartment in Istanbul:

legal situation oh the apartment

One of the most important advice when you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul is to make sure of the legal status of the apartment, before you make the purchase, you must make sure that the property you want to buy, whether new or old, is not mortgaged to anyone, or was seized by anyone or sold to anyone other than you,

you also have to make sure that there are no taxes on the apartment, so you do not have problems in the future, you can do that by reviewing the Real Estate Registry Directorate.

The process of signing the contracts of sale and purchase must be done by a legal lawyer who has great experience in the real estate field, with the necessity of paying all financial payments through the bank to guarantee the rights of both the investor and the real estate company.

It must also be ensured that the seller of the apartment is the true owner of the apartment that you want to buy , through take a copy of the title deed and a review of the Real Estate Department to making sure from the information in the title deed and it is actually identical to the information in the real estate registry¸, so we advise you to preview the apartment on the actually to make sure that it is the same apartment offered for sale.

Verifying the type of property is it commercial or residential, if the property is commercial and has been converted to residential then you must make sure that the conversion process was done in a regular and correct way.

Ensure that the property has been registered with your name in the Land Registry by following the process of transferring it in the Real Estate Department.

The right location, good view and the right size for the apartment

The location of the apartment is one of the most important things that must to pay attention to it , when choosing the apartment that you want to buy. When talking about the location of the apartment, it means talking about the price of the apartment and means talking about the purpose for which you want to buy the apartment, is it for housing or for investment?

If you want the apartment for housing and stability, you should consider several important things in relation to the location of the apartment and its views and area, such as if the apartment is near your workplace and schools and universities for your children, and you must also take into account that it is close to the main transport lines and public facilities such as hospitals, gardens and shopping centers,

for the area and the number of rooms in it, it should be appropriate for the number of your family members.

While, if you want the apartment to invest, you must choose the downtown location near the tourist and entertaining places in addition to its proximity to shopping centers, universities and public transportation, so that its location is an attractive factor for tenants.

for the overlooking of the apartment, if it was for housing or for rent , it is better to have a beautiful view of the sea, lake, or green garden and to be on the upper floors, and to be on the one hand that does not block the sunlight , as it should be with large windows that allow the sun to enter to all parts of the house.

Features of the surrounding environment and residential neighborhood

The environment surrounding of the apartment that you want to buy plays an important role in choosing the apartment, you must choose your apartment in an area near the vital centers in the city and not be in a remote area ,The environment surrounding of the apartment preferable to have gardens and parks in the area, and the neighborhood is better to be calm , far from disturbance sources with good reputation.

Finally, it is the most important of all of the above. know your financial capabilities and study your budget well before getting to buy an apartment so that you do not fall into debt and installment problems later. We advise you to choose the best and most appropriate time for the real estate market when wanting to buy an apartment.

We also advise you to choose an apartment in one of the residential complexes built with the best modern methods, which are provided with all services and technological technologies and secured against earthquakes and equipped with a modern security system where it guarantees safety for you and your family.

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