A set of advice for real estate investment in Turkey

Updated: Aug 17

Turkey is a country of civilization and economy, Turkey is distinguished by its commercial and economic activity as it is the link between the continent of Asia and continent of Europe,

the real estate market in Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular in the recent period have witnessed a remarkable prosperity and development, this has led to the emergence of many types of real estate in various shapes and sizes and different, as statistics indicated that the number of properties sold in Istanbul alone amounted to thousands of properties.

Also, the flourished of tourism and the economy in Turkey, in addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish state, all of this worked to attract investors from all over the world, and the guaranteed investment returns and a strong economy encouraged them to come and invest in Turkey.

Turkey has witnessed in the recent period a renaissance in the field of real estate investment in a significantly , as Knight Frank figures indicated that real estate investment in Turkey witnessed 18% growth and Turkey is the third largest profitable country in the world for real estate buyers

There are many types of real estate investment in Turkey, including:

1.Commercial real estate, which is not for habitable as offices and shops. This type of real estate investment is spreading in Istanbul significantly, being the first economic, commercial and tourist city in Turkey.

2. Residential real estate, which is real estate designated and equipped for housing, such as homes, villas, apartment complexes, and resorts, which can be invested either by buying and selling or by renting and benefiting from the annual return of it .

What are the reasons that motivate you to investment of real estate in Turkey?

There are many reasons that motivate you to investing in Turkey, the most important of it :

• The strength of the Turkish economy, which witnessed a remarkable prosperity in the recent period, and this is what the International Rating Agency (Fitch) indicated, which it emphasized that the Turkish economy is recovering continuously.

• The investment environment provided by the Turkish state, which is suitable for all investors, where Turkey considers one of the countries that do not impose restrictions that restrict investors, and the Turkish government that provided many facilities to investors, including reducing the corporate tax to 22% after it was 33%.

In addition to granting Turkish citizenship to anyone who buying a property its valued is more than $ 250,000.

• Turkey's important strategic location, where Turkey is considered the meeting point of the continent of Europe with the Asian continent, which made it an economic passage to all the world in addition to Turkey’s role in energy transfer and the importance of its cultural and civilizational position, so Turkey provides many opportunities for investors by combining between the real estate sector and commercial and industrial production and other sectors, which made real estate investment in Turkey the goal of all investors around the world.

• The developed infrastructure in Turkey encouraged real estate investment, the Turkish state allocated its largest budgets for the development of infrastructure, which amounted to about 350 billion US dollars, in order to develop infrastructure in several areas.

And for a successful real estate investment in Turkey, here are some important tips:

1. First, you have to do a comprehensive search for the property you want to invest in it , and collect all the information that related to it, by making use of the experts in the field of real estate investment.

2. Searching for vital centers in the city to invest in, such as the area you want to invest in it , ought to be near major transportation links, schools, universities and parks in addition to shopping centers and hospitals.

3. Making sure that there are no problems with the property and you can make sure by going to the Real Estate Registry Department, and you must also ensure that the property is registered in the title deed.

4. Knowing your financial capabilities and choosing to invest in real estate closest to your budget that is appropriate for it, so that you do not have to borrow.

5. Finally, diversity in real estate investment in order to earn more profits , such as investing an apartment and a commercial store.

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