The best types of real estate in Turkey

Updated: Aug 17

Real estate investment in Turkey is profitable to a large extent, as investors can recover the capital and rotate it again in a short period of time. Commercial real estate in Turkey is one of the best real estate investment opportunities, in terms of high profits in a short period of time.

What are the types of real estate in Turkey?

Commercial real estate:

Shops and stores:

We all know that trade is one of the economic sources spread in Turkey, especially for foreigners and Arabs, luck in Turkey, so Turkish markets are markets whose movement is not stable, especially in Istanbul or tourist areas, where it is considered that foreign customers are always present in Turkish markets.


Offices are among the most beautiful opportunities for investment, especially after the emergence of a need for them after the establishment of small or medium Arab companies, as they do not need large and huge buildings, but foreigners can rent offices to manage their various businesses from inside Turkey, and there is no need for offices to be in high-priced places.


Import and export companies, major real estate companies, health insurance companies, and it is also easy to open a library or printing press, all represent opportunities for investment in companies in Turkey.

It should be mentioned that Turkish laws support projects on their lands by allowing foreigners to open their own companies, with the support of many legal facilities.


Hotel real estate needs high financing, and it may need large budgets that no one continuous can handle, but it is better to enter into partnerships or buy shares in many hotel projects, in order to ensure the diversity of income and profit from the various tourist seasons.

Restaurants and cafes:

Especially in vital or tourist areas such as Fatih and Esenyurt, where there are many Arabs, the profits of restaurants and cafes are fictional, especially restaurants that offer many popular and international foods.

Cafes are considered one of the most popular places in Turkey, which attract regular customers.

Schools and training sectors

The educational and training sector has become one of the most widespread Arab sectors in Turkey, due to the importance of the presence of kindergartens for young children in the summer period, and the need to teach the Arabic language, and there are remedial courses in Turkish and English languages, and there are also some vocational training courses and other various aspects of education.

It is always taken into account when purchasing a building to open a school in it to the building specifications, as the Turkish Ministry of Education sets certain conditions related to the building to give a license to it.

The investment market in the real estate market in Turkey is many fields and options, so the investor is always looking for the type or option that is most suitable for him and the most appropriate to start his investment in Turkey's real estate.

Residential real estate in Turkey

Regular apartments:

They are the apartments in the normal Turkish neighborhoods, as they are only related to the building in which they are, as most Turkish residential buildings are characterized by the presence of electric doors or surveillance cameras, but this is not in the regular twilight found in Turkish neighborhoods, as it includes residential buildings with many floors. On elevators, security personnel, cameras, and cleaning services are available in many Turkish residential buildings to clean drawers and corridors.

The prices of these apartments are linked to the general market price of the area, and the price of apartments is determined by the availability of services, as the price of apartments in residential buildings that provide many services within the property increases, and the location of the property and its proximity to facilities and services contribute to the increase in apartment prices and rental rates.

Apartments in residential complexes:

They are the apartments that are located in newly built residential complexes and have many services that make them distinctive apartments such as the availability of protection and safety, the presence of security personnel at the doors of modern residential complexes, the availability of surveillance cameras throughout, and these complexes contain a garage for cars, and the presence of large areas It is also green and contains playgrounds, public gardens, swimming pools, restaurants and commercial markets, at least, and some complexes contain supermarkets or shops, and there may also be a primary school or mosque in the complex.

The residential complexes in Istanbul are among the best and most luxurious residential complexes in Turkey, and housing and residence in these complexes in Istanbul are a goal for many who want to buy apartments in Turkey.

It is natural that the prices of apartments in these modern residential complexes are more expensive than similar ones abroad, and the rental rates for these apartments will certainly be high. In other areas of Istanbul, there are apartments with reasonable and moderate prices, such as Esenyurt, Basaksehir, Sakarya and Bahcesehir.

Ordinary villas

These houses are of a large area surrounded by a wall and green space, there are many villas in Turkey in many neighborhoods and they are far from the tourist and important centers, these villas are located in normal areas and most often they are in rural areas, and many retirees and lovers of tranquility and luxury would like Reside in it.

Tourist villas

These villas are much more expensive than regular villas, and they have distinctive views of the coasts or attractive areas, but they are similar to regular villas in terms of spaces and interior decoration.

Penthouse apartments

These apartments are of a new type, and are found in large buildings and skyscrapers. It is characterized by a large area and the exterior walls of the house are mostly glass, which means a wonderful view all day long. Also, a "penthouse" apartment provides comfort, tranquility, and a system that resembles independent villas, and there is no other neighbor on the floor, which helps the residents with independence, and these apartments are among the most expensive apartments, but they are very luxurious and luxurious.

Duplex apartments

It consists of two complete residential apartments, one of them above the other, and they are connected by an internal staircase. It is an ideal choice for families who cannot afford standalone villas.

Triplex apartments

It is larger than duplex apartments, and it consists of 3 apartments on top of each other, and they are connected to each other by an internal staircase, which is good and ideal for large families, and also provides the property owner to rent a floor or more, as these apartments are distinguished by the property's owner He can take advantage of the extra space, especially the last floor, so he can benefit from it by creating a private office or health club.

Studio apartments

A studio apartment is a small apartment, its area is usually 60 square meters as a maximum, and there are of them smaller and larger than this area, and it was established for one or two people to live in it at most, and it is characterized by being moderate in price compared to similar apartments due to its small size, and therefore the rental value Also very low than other apartments.

The apartment consists of a spacious bedroom, and there is also an American-designed kitchen place,

It represents a good and suitable housing for students or those who like to live alone, as it provides them with comfort and independence in addition to its low price, as it is far from youth participatory housing, which may be annoying at times.

The multiplicity of real estate types in Turkey is a very important feature, in which you can find popular and ordinary housing to luxurious housing that is characterized by luxury, and real estate in Turkey covers all tourism, residential, commercial and industrial investment needs.


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