Where is the project located and what are the advantages of the area?

Bagcilar is located in the center of the south of the European section of Istanbul in Turkey, and it is one of the old and popular cities, and it distinguished in its various types of industries such as clothing and decoration as well as the headquarters of the most important Turkish newspapers and TV channels

Bagcilar was adopted as an independent municipality in the early nineties of the last century and since that date

Why this housing project?

The project is located in the Basin Express area in the European section of Istanbul, which is the intersection of the TEM highway with the E-5 highway

This site is considered the second trade and business center in Istanbul after Sisli and Maslak

The project has many internal and external features, the most important of which is its location and being surrounded by various services from hospitals such as Medipol Hospital, schools and universities such as Kultur Private University, in addition to shopping centers

خدمات المجمع 

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