Where is the project located and what are the advantages of the area?

Maslak is located east of the European part of Istanbul and is the first and most important commercial center

Its tourist areas on the famous Bosphorus

Maslak is considered one of the most beautiful and ancient areas in the city and is famous in its  historical monuments

Most of them date back to the Ottoman era

the nature is  surrounded by the waters of the bosphorus on the one hand and the forests of Belgrade on the other

Why this housing project?

The project is located in the Maslak / Sariyer area in the European section of Istanbul, which is one of the most beautiful areas near the Bosphorus Strait and the famous Belgrade forests.

The area where the project is located is one of the most beautiful and attractive areas of the city for tourism and investment as well

There are hospitals near the project such as Istinye State Hospital, schools and universities such as Istanbul Bilgi University, and major commercial centers such as Istanbul Valley Mall..

خدمات المجمع 

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