Where is the project located and what are the advantages of the area?

The area of ​​Gaziosmanpaşa is located in the center of the European part of Istanbul, and it is one of the Ancient and historic regions in the city, and for this you find in it diversity and disparity with regard to the urban nature, where there are high-end and modern residential complexes in addition to the popular streets and independent buildings

Gazi Osman Pasa is characterized by the presence of various transportation links to all regions of Istanbul

Why this housing project?

The project is located in Gaziosmanpasa in the European section of Istanbul, which is an area that mediates the most important historical places in the city, such as the Sultan Ayub and Fatih areas.

The project has many internal and external features, the most important of which is its distinctive location, being in the middle of the TEM and E-5 highways, and it is close to the city center and one of Istanbul's most vital areas and its most important tourist areas. Also near is Venice Mall, which is fully designed to simulate the Italian city of Venice

It is only 15 minutes away from the center, where Sisli and Taksim areas are

خدمات المجمع 

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