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| Extracting all kinds of stays permits in Turkey |

Extracting all kinds of stays permits in Turkey

What are the conditions for residency in Turkey? What are the types of stays in Turkey?

We will answer these questions on this topic, where we will deal with the conditions for each residence separately

If you want to stay in Turkey, you must obtain a residence permit to stay in the country until a certain period of time. As for the types of residency in Turkey, they are:


  1. Touristic accommodation

  2. Student residence

  3. Establishing work

  4. Real estate residence "through owning a property"

  5. Family residence

  6. Humanitarian residence

Touristic stay permit

Also known as short-term residence, it is a suitable option for those who intend to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, and the duration usually ranges between one and two years

As for the conditions for obtaining tourist residency in Turkey and what are the necessary documents, we will talk about them in detail in the next article

Work stay permi

A permit authorizing foreigners to work on Turkish lands, where it is issued from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. This residence has two methods of extractions:

  1. The applicant must be an employee of a company inside Turkey

  2. Or that he is the owner of a company in Turkey

The documents required for obtaining work residency differ according to nationality, and this residence also has conditions and benefits for the person who obtained it, as you can see it in our article Working residence in Turkey

''Real estate stay permit “own property

As it is clear from its name, it is conditional on the purchase of a property in Turkey, which is granted for a full year, renewable, as long as the person owns this property

The papers necessary for obtaining real estate residency are:

  1. A passport valid for a period of no less than 6 months

  2. Title deed of the property, or as it is called a Land Registry

  3. Earthquake insurance

  4. Health insurance for all family members “within Turkey”

  5. A family statement translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish embassy in the country of the person who owns it

Student stay permit

This stay permit is granted to students who study within Turkish universities and institutes and is similar to tourist residence in terms of obtaining it, except for the terms of the rent contract and the bank account, they are not compulsory in the case of student residence

The papers required to obtain a student stay permit are:

  1. Student identification paper "Student Proof" and obtained after final acceptance from the educational authority in Turkey

  2. Health insurance inside Turkey

  3. 4 colored photographs

An appointment from the Immigration Department to submit the papers

Family stay permit

This stay permit is granted to anyone who marries a Turkish wife or husband, as he is entitled to apply for a family residence that ranges from one to three years and the owner can apply for Turkish citizenship after the expiration of 3 years

This residence can also be granted to family members "wife and children under 18" in the event that the person holds a work residence as we talked previously

  Humanly stay permit

This residence is granted to refugees on Turkish lands

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