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Title deed procedures in Turkey

Tabu Senedi, or what is known as “real estate title deed” or “property title deed”. It is the official document that officially proves that you own the property in Turkey

The extraction of the title deed document in Turkey is considered the final stage when buying and obtaining a property in Turkey gives the buyer reassurance and comfort, and it is not possible to recognize a person’s ownership of any home in Turkey unless there is a deed document proving that he owns this house

The tapu document is extracted from the Land Registry Office or what is known as the "Turkish Tapu Department", and the it record the following information

  1. Real estate address

  2. A personal photo of the property owner

  3. Registration number of the land

  4. Land type

Is it valid or not suitable for construction in Turkey? As the Turkish municipality adopts certain conditions for granting construction permission on land inside Turkey. All modern residential complexes in Turkey are built on suitable land

   5. The total land area on which the residential or building project is located

   6. Property area with floor number and building number

   7.The value of the property

In Turkish lira exclusively, as it is forbidden to sell real estate in Turkey except in the country's local currency

   8. Information on how to own a property in Turkey

Is from the construction company? So you will be the first owner

Or is it from another owner? All this information has to be  identified

   9. Information about the owner

Personally identifiable information is:

As the name

National number


 If there is more than one owner of the property, also has to be detailed about them, along with attaching each one's portion of the property

Registration data before purchase

Registration data after purchase

Stamp and signature of the person responsible for organizing and issuing the title deed title in Turkey

Types of title deed in Turkey

When organizing the title deed procedure in Turkey, you will encounter several types of title deeds. Which are

Land title deeds in Turkey

Land properties in Turkey have two types: valid for construction or not valid for that

The viability of the land for construction depends on the reconstruction plan by the concerned municipalities

Sometimes there are lands registered as not suitable for construction, but they are covered by modern reconstruction plans, so it is necessary to check the municipality in which the land is located to see whether it is suitable for construction or not before purchasing

This is very important because building permits cannot be granted later on land not suitable for this in Turkey

Also, you should review the municipality to ensure that this land is not on a public road or designated for a garden because in such cases it hinders the use of the land later for the construction of housing and construction projects

All this information is included in the title deed of land in Turkey

 Construction bonds in Turkey

The basic information about the entire building is mentioned as one unit, without needing to detail the building sections and parts

And such document are for independent houses or villas in Turkey or palaces, or warehouses, factories, restaurants, schools and educational and health centers located within a separate building

Often the owners of major projects need to obtain construction bonds in Turkey for real estate designated for these projects, such as factories or hospitals and others

Irtifak tapusu Turkey

This type of document depends on the planning of the building and its division after obtaining the construction approval

After construction is completed with housing approval, the property is granted a private title deed

 The title deed of the participating real estate in Turkey

These documents are for limited period, the owner has the right to sell, or rent his property within the bond period

Therefore, the Real Estate Registry Department in Turkey should be reviewed before purchasing the apartment in order to inquire about the property to be purchased to make sure that there is not restrictions such as a mortgage with a bank in Turkey or that it is not prone to seizure, etc

 Full title deed in Turkey

This document will be given to the owner after the property is fully completed in Turkey

It states:

The type of real estate

its number

its location from the building

and its section of the building 

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