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Real Estate appraisal Law in Turkey

On the date of 2/15 of  2019, a new law was issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey under No. 1/2019 stating the necessity to evaluate the property by a real estate company or a real estate expert approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization before transferring ownership of the property or before its ownership and registration in Department of Tapu

What is the aim of real estate appraisal law in Turkey

Each issued law has specific goals, so the real estate appraisal law has specific goals, which are

1- Protecting the rights of foreign and Arab investors from exploitation and selling them real estate with a value greater than the real estate value

2- Getting more real estate investment opportunities in the Turkish market

3- To maintain and facilitate the transparency of buying and selling

4- Preventing tax evasion in the real estate and construction fields

5- Increase and maintain the reputation of the Turkish real estate market in foreign markets

6- Determine the price requested by the seller

7- Assisting the buyer in determining a fair price for the property

?What should the real estate appraisal report contain


The real estate appraisal report must contain important items that cannot be abandoned

Items of real estate appraisal report:

1- Land Registry information

2- Address and location of the property, surrounding transportation

3- Legal audit of the real estate

4- Interior specifications of the property, such as decoration, floor, design and view.

5- Structural and technical properties of the property

6- Writing down the factors affecting the real estate evaluation

7- Investigating and searching the real estate market for similar real estate prices

8- The result that contains the approximate price of the property and the real estate appraisal for it

The report is delivered within a period of one to 3 days

What are the factors that affect the property

The natural and environmental factor

The economic factor of the location of the property

The social circumstance of where the property is located

The location of the property and its total area

Building status, age and property condition

The value of monthly or annual returns

Legality  of the property in the land registry


Is the real estate appraisal report in Turkey mandatory and compulsory?

Yes, the real estate must be evaluated before completing the sale and purchase process, what you need to know is that the evaluation report for the real estate must be attached to the official documents of the property

? Who can issue a real estate appraisal report

The evaluation report is written by specialized companies licensed by the Banking Regulatory and Supervision Organization

This organization depends on listing the names of the licensed companies on an official website

Any report from unlicensed companies not mentioned on the official website will not be accepted

?What is the validity of the real estate evaluation report

The validity of a real estate appraisal report is executed three months after its release date

We provide you with different properties that suit your requirements and they are 100% legal, and not only that

We appoint a lawyer to provide you with all the necessary data for the property and the list of real estate stamping by the official departments

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