Residential projects in Buyucekmece region



Project type: apartments and offices

Delivery date: ready to be delivered 

Region: Buyucekmece

prices start from 

748.000 TL

Buyukcekmece is located west of the European part of Istanbul on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, and it has become an Independent municipality

in the late eighties of the last century to witness then a huge growth and reconstruction movement that made it today one of the most important residential and tourist areas in Istanbul

The area is characterized by beautiful coasts and full of recreational facilities such as restaurants, cafes and gardens

Buyukcekmece is one of the favorite areas for investors looking to invest and own property in Istanbul city

The area is serviced by a strong transportation network and a number of important service facilities, including hospitals, schools, and others

The region also includes the exhibition city and the commercial forum for the most prominent international and Turkish companies, which periodically receives international exhibitions that attract investors from all over the world

The E-80 and E-5 highways are located near and connected to the central areas of Istanbul with expectations that the metro will reach them in the near future

The region attracts the finest social classes in Istanbul because of its proximity to the Sea of Marmara and its contain the largest Buyukcekmece lake in Istanbul, and it enjoys natural green spaces and provides basic services in it

Commercial activity in Buyukcekmece grows greatly and continuously as international and Turkish brands have begun opening stores to display their products, in addition to investors who have chosen to open restaurants and cafes

And its coast is one of the most famous and longest coasts in Istanbul, where its length is more than five kilometers at the end of the Sea of Marmara, adjacent to it by the Corniche, in which restaurants, cafes and sessions overlooking the sea are distributed

Buyukcekmece region

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