Residential projects in Basaksehir region



Project type: apartments and offices

Delivery date: ready to be delivered 

Region: Basaksehir

prices start from

828.000 TL



Project type: apartments and offices

Delivery date: 2020 06 

Region: Basaksehir

prices start from

1.029.000 TL

The municipality of Basaksehir is located in the European Istanbul, north of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it is a newly established municipality, and this is why it is characterized by the modern style in terms of organization and in terms of the prevailing architectural character in it for Arab and foreign investors

On the other hand, it is surrounded by the most important and largest infrastructure projects for the Turkish state, including Istanbul Airport , the Istanbul Canal and the third Istanbul Bridge

Public transportation stations are available in the area, which guarantee access to the most important areas of Istanbul, including Ataturk airport, which is only about 22 km from the region, and the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, in addition to basakshir metro, which connects the region with kirazli region and thus has crossed several stations and areas in Istanbul

In addition to various services from hospitals , schools and universities, in addition to shopping centers like Mall of Istanbul


Basaksehir region

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