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Renting property after purchase

:The goal of buying a property in Turkey is divided into


  1. Residential permanent

  2. Or to visit during the summer and holidays

  3. Or to buy an investment property in order to achieve a profitable return

In all cases, the purchase of the property for the purpose of long-term investment or for the purpose

of summer vacation requires continuous monitoring and management of that property

The Bellus Homes real estate investment team in Turkey will be with you in all steps to manage the affairs of these properties and provide their continuity, ready for your visits at any time

  1. In addition to taking advantage of its rental and investment return if you wish

  2. To complete the decorations required by you

The department concerned with the property management process at Bellus Homes Real Estate in the post-sale phase will handle all these services under a legal contract outlined with the tasks and details required by those wishing to follow up on the management of their properties in Turkey

A package of services provided by Bellus Homes Real Estate within the property management service

  1. Provide private cladding service, decoration and furniture purchase by the company's engineers

  2. Ensure that the rental of the property is followed up throughout the year by documented contracts between the owner and the renter

  3. Real estate offer through Bellus Homes real estate investment site

  4. Managing the client’s real estate investment portfolio through prior study and an agreed timetable with the client

  5. Follow up the conduct of financial matters and bills related to water, gas and electricity during your time outside Turkey

  6. Supervising the process of paying the monthly returns and taxes on the property

  7. Follow up on maintenance matters related to the property - cleaning the property .. maintenance of heating and other tasks as requested by the customer

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Loca Mahal

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Marmara Evleri

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Route Istanbul

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